Chapter Seven

"So…that's the plan apparently," the Doctor said to everyone as they sat and stood inside the TARDIS kitchen. So anyone who wishes to go with the children or wants to go relax while we sort this out can do so. I'm going to go get a few friends and allies to help us in the meantime. I'm not about to let the Brotherhood destroy another Earth. Now before people start volunteering to help me, I will say that no one under the age of twenty is permitted to fight.

He nodded when the teenagers groaned.

"And I realize, Luke, Rani and Clyde that you do help Sarah Jane on a daily basis and you are capable fighters but I'm drawing the line on this one, because I have no idea what the Brotherhood are capable of and because if you help, I'd have to let the other children help and I'm not going to do that. Considered this a holiday for all the times you did help Sarah out. I'm sure you won't be bored while we do this. Having said that, who else among the adults is with me? Raise your hands."

Lori and Jim kept their arms down and so did Sylvia but she gasped when Wilf raised his hand.

"Dad, put your hand down," she said to him.

"Not a chance. I helped the Doctor before and I can do it again," Wilf said. "I'm over the age of twenty so I'm volunteering."

"Doctor, keep my dad safe, would you?" Sylvia said to him.

"I will do everything in my power to do that, Sylvia. I don't want him to die any more than you do."

He looked down when Mandy tugged on his trouser leg.

"Nuh-uh, I just said no one under twenty, Ps and Qs, you can't volunteer," he said, poking her on the top of her head.

"No, you could get the green lady to help," Mandy said.

"Green lady? Oh! Vastra, you mean? Hmmm, yes, I could get her and Jenny and Strax. Thank you, Ps and Qs," he said, patting her on the head.

"What about Jo Grant or I mean, Jo Jones," Sarah Jane said.

"And do you know where she is at the moment, Sarah?" the Doctor said.

"Um…not exactly," Sarah Jane said. "But at the very least, we ought to bring her and Santiago on board, to protect them. We could also get K9, of course."

"What about some of our family members?" Lori said. "Can we go and get them and bring them here to be safe?"

"You mean Dan and Ruth and Tom and Alicia?" the Doctor said.

Jim and Lori nodded.

"Okay, we can do that," the Doctor said.

"What about Maria and her dad?" Luke said to Sarah Jane.

"Perhaps. But we have to draw the line somewhere," Sarah said. "We can ask but the Doctor can't put the whole Earth inside here and he can't waste a lot of time zipping around picking up people."

"Thank you, Sarah," the Doctor said. "I suggest you ring the people you know who know me and ask them if they want to come on board. As Sarah said, I won't spend all day picking up people but I will save a few more."

Jim and Lori used their mobiles to call Dan, Ruth, Alicia and Tom to explain the situation to them while Luke phoned Maria. Luke shook his head when he finished talking to Maria.

"Maria and her dad said no, they said they'd wait and see what happened first," Luke said to Sarah Jane.

Sarah Jane told the Doctor about it and the Doctor nodded.

"Doctor, Dan and Ruth and Alicia and Tom want to come but they're gathering in Alicia and Tom's living room so you'll only have to make one trip," Lori said to him.

"Okay, doing that now then," the Doctor said, going to the console.


"Thank you, Doctor," Alicia said, kissing his cheek as she and the others came inside. "We told some of the others about it but they want to wait and see what happens first. But if the children need someone to look after them, we can do it."

"Thank you," the Doctor said, hugging Ruth as she came inside. "And I'm sure you want more Ambrosia pies as well."

Ruth and Alicia laughed.

"You know us too well," Alicia said, giving him a teasing poke in the side.

"Did you want to bring anything while you were here?" the Doctor said, looking out the door. "Anything of value?"

"No, the children are the only valuable things we care about," Dan said. "Anything else is inconsequential."

The Doctor nodded and closed the door.

"Right then, I'll ask the TARDIS to make some rooms for you and I believe she's making an amusement park for the children. So if you want to relax in the kitchen, I'll let you know when it's time to go to them."


The Doctor made two more trips, one for Francine and Tish and the other for Rhys and Anwen, who was now two years old. The Doctor smiled at the little child as she held Rhys's hand and came into the TARDIS kitchen. She had dark hair that came down to her shoulders and the Doctor could see the resemblance to Gwen as the toddler looked around. Mandy smiled and walked up to her and Anwen turned her eyes to her.

"Hi, I'm Mandy," Mandy said, hugging her.

"What do you say, love?" Rhys said to his daughter.

Anwen backed away slightly and Mandy frowned.

"She's shy, love," Rhys said gently to Mandy. "She does that with people she doesn't know. Give her time to get used to ya. Gwen said that you're taking volunteers and others are staying with the children. I do know how to fight aliens but I better stay with Anwen, just in case. I don't want our child becoming an orphan."

The Doctor nodded.

"It's nice to see you again, Rhys," he said.

"Likewise, Doctor. I hope you can sort this mess out, we don't need another alien invasion," Rhys said.

"I agree. And now that everyone's been assembled in here, there's one more thing I need to ask," the Doctor said.

He moved to Rose and John and stopped in front of them.

"I said the cutoff age was twenty and you're above that," he said to them. "I can't stop you from fighting but I'm going to ask if you're sure you want to do so because it's only been a few months since you came here and you only recently stopped walking with canes. You're not skeletal but you're still underweight and I'm just concerned about you. So as a formality, I want to ask if you're feeling up to fighting because there's no shame in staying in here and being with the children."

"Rose, stay with the children, you were weaker than I was when we came here and you still have trouble walking sometimes. You try to hide it but I can see it. You don't have to do this and I really would prefer you didn't."

"What about you? You're not exactly in prime condition either," Rose said.

"Yes, but I have Time Lord DNA and I recovered a lot faster than you did. I want to make sure these things are stopped. I promise I will come in here if it gets to be too much for me but I want you to rest and hide."

Rose sighed.

"Doctor, please look after him as well. He only has one life," Rose pleaded.

The Doctor was about to reassure her that he would when the TARDIS suddenly grumbled to him. He stopped to listen for a moment and he could tell John was listening as well. Both men shared a look and the Doctor nodded and beckoned him to follow him.

"Be back in a mo," the Doctor said, calling over his shoulder as they left the room.

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