Chapter Fifteen

The Doctor found Jack first. He was standing near the throne room door, chatting with Shana. They stopped talking when the Doctor and Peri came outside.

"Well, he's not encased in webbing and his eyes are normal," Jack said to Shana.

"We've talked and Peri's on our side," the Doctor said.

"Her eyes are still black," Shana said.

"Yes, that will be sorted eventually," the Doctor said.

Peri told them about her ability to control spiders and Jack raised his eyebrow.

"Any spider?" Jack said.

"Yes," Peri said.

"Even Spider-Man?" Jack said wryly.

The Doctor rolled his eyes while Jack sniggered at that.

"Um…I don't know," Peri said dryly. "I've never met him."

"Just kidding," Jack said, patting her shoulder. "Nice to meet you and know you're not going to kill us. I'm Jack, this is Shana."

Peri nodded hello and shook their hands.

"Everyone else is touring your castle; it's a nice castle by the way."

"It's not really mine but thanks anyway," Peri said.

"Well, let's round up the others and get the injured on board and get out of here," the Doctor said.


After finding everyone else, they carried the cocooned people into the TARDIS. Peri stood back and watched them do it, a bit worried that she wouldn't be accepted by the others. The Doctor noticed this and did his best to introduce her to everyone, trying to make her feel accepted and ease the fears of everyone else.

They brought everyone on board the TARDIS, seven in all, and put them in the med bay where John, Martha, Grace, Wilf and Donna took up the task of freeing and stabilizing them.

"What about the others, can they be changed back?" the Doctor asked Peri when everyone was inside the TARDIS.

"I'm not sure, the Queen never told me if they could or not," Peri said.

The Doctor thought for a moment.

"Can you bring them into the throne room? I can move the TARDIS and land on top of them and the TARDIS can put them in a locked room for their own safety until we can determine if we can change them back or not. At the very least, I can take them somewhere if I can't, an unpopulated planet where they can thrive."

Peri nodded. They stepped outside the TARDIS and the Doctor watched while Peri closed her eyes and summoned the spiders to her. The Doctor was amazed when the spiders started coming into the throne room. Not only the big spiders but every spider was obeying her and he smiled at the tiny spiders that were coming inside the room with their big brothers and sisters. When they were finished, he made a quick count of the big spiders and counted seventeen of them. But there were many, many more little spiders and all of them were standing in a semicircle around the Doctor and Peri.

"Amazing," the Doctor said. "But you couldn't just call the big ones?"

"Well, I didn't know where they all were so I sent out a general summons. They came in with the others," she said, gesturing to the little spiders. "Now that I know where they are, I can control the big ones."

"Okay, well…we don't need all the little babies then," the Doctor said.

He smiled when Peri closed her eyes and the little spiders hurried out of the room while the big ones remained in a cluster.

"Yes, this could be useful indeed," the Doctor marveled. "Especially if the Brotherhood does land on Earth. We could overwhelm them with spiders. And seeing how there are millions of spiders on the Earth. I see now why the TARDIS was so keen on bringing me here."

"So you don't give a crap about me, just my abilities."

The Doctor looked at Peri, thinking he'd insulted her again but she winked and he smiled.

"Nah, I'm interested in the woman as well," he said, hugging her. "Just order them to stay there and I'll move the TARDIS on top of them."


After securing the spiders inside the TARDIS, the Doctor put the TARDIS inside the vortex and went to help stabilize the mutated humans. By the time the Doctor entered the med bay, the people had been freed. Three men and four women, all of them young. The Doctor looked at them and hoped that he could find a cure for them. For the moment though, they were being stabilized and being put into a medically induced coma just in case they continued to mutate. The last thing the Doctor wanted was for them to transform fully and scatter around the TARDIS targeting all of them.

While they were doing that, Rose suddenly appeared at the doorway with Mandy. John stopped what he was doing to go to her.

"What's wrong? Is something the matter?" he said, taking hold of her arms.

"John, I have something to tell you," Rose said while Mandy watched. "I don't know how to say this…but I gave birth."

"You did what?" John said, his eyes bulging. "Gave birth? Now? Wait…the Brotherhood? They didn't…those bastards didn't…" he snarled as his fists clenched.

"No, it wasn't them, it was you," Rose said melodramatically. "I don't know how but I just gave birth to a five year old child and here she is!"

Mandy giggled when John looked down at her with a perplexed look on his face.

"I see…" John said. "So…you're bored with the amusement park so now you're thinking up weird jokes and trying to wind me up for a giggle."

"No," Rose said. "I was sitting on a bench and this wee one offered to be our daughter because we haven't got one. So now we have a daughter, John!" Rose said, throwing her arms up in the air.

John looked at Mandy.

"Hi, Daddy," she said.

"Awww, you going to be parenting Ps and Qs now?" the Doctor said. "That's so sweeeeet!"

"Can we take her back to her original parents and leave her there?" John said to Rose.

"No, I want her, she's mine," Rose said, throwing her arms around Mandy while Mandy giggled.

"But, dearest, we can get ten quid for her on the black market. Maybe even twenty!" John said, picking up Mandy. "Maybe…we can even get a case of Irn Bru!"

"You're silly, Daddy," Mandy said.

The Doctor chortled when John stared at her with wide eyes while he held her close.

"Curiouser and curiouser, this child seems to think I want her. How odd," he said. "TARDIS, where is Peri, can you make a path to her?"

A doorway opened up in the wall and John carried Mandy through it. Rose glanced at the Doctor.

"Who's Peri?" she said to him.

"Come with me," the Doctor said as they followed John.


Peri was in the console room by herself. She was sitting in the chair by the console, looking around while she remembered her time traveling with the Doctor.


Peri jumped up when she heard John cry out and saw him marching down the stairs with Mandy in his arms.

"I wasn't touching anything," Peri said, backing away.

John paused on the bottom step while the Doctor and Rose started down.

"I didn't think you were," John said. "Were you?"

"No, I was just sitting here," Peri said, pointing to the chair.

"Oh, okay then. Well…"

John walked over to Peri, put Mandy down and pointed to Peri.

"There, this is Mummy," he said sternly to her. "Bye now!"

"No!" Mandy said with a giggle while John spun around, sprinted down the front steps and hid under the platform. Peri frowned as Mandy watched John through the glass. The Doctor walked up beside her with Rose following him and they stopped and watched John react with fake horror as he looked up at Mandy.

"Aaaah! Child!" John yelled as he pointed up to Mandy.

"You silly, Daddy!" Mandy squealed.

"What's going on?" Peri said to the Doctor. "I was just sitting here, thinking, and he comes in with her and wants me to have her?"

"Ah, that's just John winding you up, no worries," the Doctor said. "This is Rose, his wife. Rose, this is Peri."

"Nice to meet ya," Rose said, extending her hand.

"Likewise," Peri said. "And this is…" she said, looking at Mandy.

"It is aliiiiive!" John yelled up.

The Doctor chuckled.

"This is Mandy. She's the daughter of some friends of mine but apparently she adopted Rose and John as a second set of parents now," he said to Peri.

"Could you take her, Doctor? I'd trade her for a case of Irn Bru and some jelly babies," John said to him.

"We're not trading her, she's ours now," Rose said.

"Yours, I'm divorcing you here and now. Ee may chuck! There, our marriage never was. Enjoy Mandy!"

"Daddy's silly," Mandy said to Rose.

"Yes, he is. Bless his cotton socks," Rose said. "Well, I'm going back to the funfair now. Just wanted you to know you're a dad."

"I'm not a dad, I just divorced you," John said to her. "Ee may chuck, remember?"

"Mm," Rose said. "Anyway, see you later, love. Come, sweetie, let's go on the merry-go-round. Doctor, see you later. Peri, it's nice to meet you. John, you're still married to me, no matter how loudly you yell ee may chuck. Cheers, everyone."

"I will see you in court, ex-wife!" John yelled up while Rose chuckled and took Mandy's hand.

"Bye, Daddy!" Mandy said, following Rose up the back stairs.

"Doctor, would you like an extra wife? You could have a harem," John said to him.

"You'd be willing to give her back to me?" the Doctor said.

John thought that over.

"No. On second thought, she's stellar. I'll keep her. Chuck may ee. There, I'm married again."

"What about Mandy?"

"Case of Irn Bru for her?"

"Nah, makes me gassy."

"Mandy makes me gassy," John said while the Doctor chuckled. "Eh, I'll put up with her if it keeps the butter knife happy."

"I have to say this is odd," Peri said.

"Why?" the Doctor said.

"Because I've never witnessed this much good humor in the TARDIS. Not when I traveled with you…and I never saw children in here before. You've changed alot."

"Says the woman who's half spider now," the Doctor said. "And weren't you almost a bird? Doesn't that conflict?"

"Yes, shouldn't the bird part of you want to eat the spider part of you?" John said as he came up the steps.

Peri tried to keep a straight face but she burst out laughing.

"Been ages since someone tried to turn me into a bird," she said, shaking her head.

"Yes, but you would have made a pretty bird, Peri," the Doctor said. "Course I do prefer you as a human…ish," he said while Peri chuckled. "I mean, you're not all human now but you're more human than you where when you were almost all bird and…"

"Okay, you're making my head spin now," Peri said, holding up her hands while the Doctor and John giggled.

"And why were you so defensive when I came into the room?" John said. "I wasn't trying to catch you doing something and I didn't think you were doing something. I was just having a laugh."

"You're still worried that not everyone trusts you here, is that it?" the Doctor said. "Because I heard you as well when Rose and I were coming through the doorway."

"Yeah," Peri said sheepishly. "I was just sitting here remembering when I traveled with you. I guess I thought it looked suspicious, me being in here by myself."

"Peri, I wouldn't have brought you on board if I didn't trust you," the Doctor said. "And even if you were planning something, the TARDIS would trap you the moment you tried it. Calm down, no one is hostile towards you. At least not that I know of. You were and are my friend and you still have a home here, always will have. Just relax and enjoy yourself."

"And take the child please!" John said.

Peri smiled at that.

"Nah, you have her," she said. "You can get twenty quid for her on the black market."

"And a case of Irn Bru, don't forget that," John said, holding up his finger.

Peri laughed.

"Yeah, it is good to hear laughter and jokes again," she said. "Didn't get much of it being the concubine of Yrcanos."

"And you're not hostile towards me because of that?" the Doctor said.

"No, not anymore," Peri said, shaking her head. "I think we were both duped."

"Well, technically, the three of us were duped. I'm his clone," John said.

"What?" Peri said, taken aback.

"Right, perhaps we should talk about this in the med bay," the Doctor said. "We were finishing with the courtiers and I want to make sure they're stabilized and free of danger before we do anything else. Come with us then, Peri. We'll fill you in and fill Grace in on a few things while we work."

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