Chapter Sixteen

Finally, the Doctor felt that the seven men and women were stable enough that he could leave them and continue with his quest. He told everyone he would be in the console room before heading to it. When he got there, Older Michelle was there sitting in his chair. The Doctor smiled at her as he came down the stairs.

"Plotting mischief, Bookworm?" he said to her.

"Moi? I'm innocent," Older Michelle said.

"So…" the Doctor said, stepping onto the console platform. "You and I are married, eh?"

"Yup. Very happily married," Older Michelle said.

"With me?"

Older Michelle gave him an odd look.

"Um…yeah, I just said you and I were…"

"No. Me as in this body," he said, pointing to himself.

Older Michelle thought for a moment about whether or not to tell him and then shook her head.

"Other you," she said.

"And you say you're older than you look so no help there," the Doctor said as he walked to his monitor.

"You're just curious about me and my story, aren't you?" Older Michelle said.

"Well, after dealing with River and her story, I do get tired of mystery women in my life," the Doctor said.

"Love, you keep just as many secrets as I do, more in fact," Older Michelle said. "So I wouldn't say anything about me being secretive if I were you."

"Yes, but I would like to know something about you besides the fact that you are older than you look," the Doctor said, turning to her.

Older Michelle thought for a moment.

"What you said about the Valeyard, I knew him about him because we, you and I, fought him at one point," she said.

"He's supposed to exist somewhere between my twelve and thirteenth life," the Doctor said.

Older Michelle gave him a poker face in response.

"Course he could appear at other points in time, I suppose," the Doctor mused while Older Michelle grinned at that. "So he's not dead or trapped in the Matrix then?"


"Do you even know what the Matrix is?" the Doctor said.

"The repository of all Time Lord knowledge and memories," Older Michelle said.

She giggled when the Doctor rolled his eyes at that.

"What? You did give me a book, you know. History of Gallifrey. I'm Bookworm, remember?" Older Michelle said, jabbing a finger at her chest repeatedly. "Besides, you told me a lot about Gallifrey and the Time War."

"And what did I tell you about the Time War?" the Doctor said, turning to her again.

"Many things. Why? Is it forbidden for me to know about a war that happened centuries before I was even born?"

"No, just curious to know what I said," the Doctor said with a shrug.

"You're just trying to find out more about me," Older Michelle said with a wry smile.

"Yes, I am. Especially since I ended up in love with you. I'm fond of you, Bookworm, but I never entertained the idea of snogging you and making you my wife."

"Well, good. Because up till now you've only known me as a nine and ten year old girl. I would be worried if you were lusting after me at that age," Older Michelle said.

"You're winding me up, aren't you?" the Doctor said.

"About what?"

"Being in love with you and marrying you. This is something you would joke about."

"Perhaps, Slime Monster, but this is no joke," she said, holding up her wedding bracelet. "If this is a joke, how did I know to wear it when you visited me on my honeymoon night?"

"Good point," the Doctor said. "So I suppose I'll have to wait and see what happens between us."

"I suppose you will," Older Michelle said.

She giggled at the exasperated look on the Doctor's face.

"May I make a wee suggestion?" Michelle said after a few moments of silence.

"Wee? Isn't that a British thing to say, Macaroni and Cheese?" the Doctor said.

"Yes, it is, Numptie Muppet Prat Bucket."

She laughed at the odd look on the Doctor's face.

"You're odd," the Doctor said.

"Says the man who wears a bow tie. Bow ties are cool," she said hurriedly in sync with the Doctor when he replied to that.

"Anyway," the Doctor said while she laughed. "What is your suggestion?"

"Cybermen as an ally."

The Doctor gave her a long, hard look.

"Cybermen," he said.

"Modified, of course. Don't look at me like that. You got a Sontaran and a Silurian helping you, don't you? Weren't they your enemies?"

"Yes, but…"

The Doctor leaned against the rim of his console.

"And how do you propose we get a Cyberman?"

"Where do they live? They live somewhere, don't they?" Older Michelle said.

"Yes, they do and I know where they are. But there's loads of them and they don't like people waltzing in and kidnapping them. Although…TARDIS, could you show me Amy and Rory?" he said to the ceiling.

Amy and Rory appeared behind him. The Doctor staggered back. They were sitting at the same table they shared with Benjamin Franklin, except now they were dining with Casanova. Amy sighed and held up her hand to stop Casanova in the middle of his story.

"Now what? We were hearing about the time Casanova snogged a girl in a sheep pasture…and then had fun with the sheep," Amy said.

Older Michelle frowned. Casanova vaguely resembled John, she noticed. He had a similar face, just longer hair and blue eyes. Casanova looked at the Doctor and pointed to him.

"You…owe me a chicken," he said to him.

"Yes, I know and you will get it…in the past, when you're still alive, of course," he muttered while Amy and Rory sniggered. "Anyway…Rory!"

"Yes!" Rory said.

"You went into the Cybermen Empire and came back unscathed, how did you do it?" the Doctor said. "Bookworm here thinks I should kidnap one and modify it so it works for us."

"Hmm, interesting," Rory said. "Well, you see, I frightened the Cybermen because I dressed like a centurion and that intimidated them. That and you blew up most of them while I was standing there. That also shut them up."

"You stood there in the midst of eighty zillion Daleks and came out of it unscathed," Amy said to him. "So why are you asking us about Cybermen?"

"Because I love hearing your insults and stupid comments," the Doctor said. "I just can't get enough of it."

"Casanova, why does he owe you the chicken?" Amy asked him.

"Don't you dare tell them!" the Doctor said to Casanova.

"See…he still thinks he can order us about, even though he can't reach us here," Amy said to Casanova.

"You know what? I think I will take that as a challenge. I will find out where you lot are and go there so I can kick your arse the way you kicked mine."

"Try it," Amy said. "You gotta be a spirit to be here so let's see you try to get here and kick my arse!"

"Done!" the Doctor said. "I will find a way. But in the meantime, don't you dare tell them, Casanova."

"No, go ahead and tell us," Amy said while the Doctor eyed her.

She chuckled and winked at her friend.

"No, better not," Amy said to Casanova. "I do still love him and I don't want him hating me forever more because I went against his wishes. As for the Cybermen problem, you have heaps of people in here now. Why don't you come up with a plan and quit bothering us? I told you, we're on permanent holiday here. We're not a part of your "Staff" anymore."

"Fine," the Doctor said. "Enjoy your dinner, Pond."

"And now he throws a temper tantrum," Amy said to everyone while the Doctor turned and walked out of the room. "He's sore because I can say what I like now and he can't stop me. Don't let him boss you around, Michelle. He'll run you ragged if you let him."

"Trust me, I know how to handle him," Older Michelle said.

She noticed Casanova was staring at her with a lustful gleam in her eyes.

"Not a chance, I'm in a one man relationship," Older Michelle said to him.

"That's because you haven't been with me yet," Casanova said with a wink.

"Aaaaand on that note, TARDIS, turn off whatever you're doing, will you? See you later, Michelle," Amy said.

"Bye, guys," Michelle said as they disappeared from view.

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