Chapter Seventeen

The Doctor gathered everyone together in the kitchen and told them what Older Michelle had proposed. While he was talking, Older Michelle wandered into the room and leaned against the wall by the doorway, listening to him.

"So…we're gonna catch a Cybermen then," Jack said. "But I say to all of you, why stop there? Let's go get a Dalek and modify that. Ooo or get Davros. Oh wait, he's dead now. No, we could get Davros's older brother, Bubba, and brainwash him so he'll help us."

"I was being serious about the Cybermen thing," Older Michelle said to him.

"I know you were, I was just joking around," Jack said. "And…getting serious here. What about a disguise?" he said to the Doctor.

"What sort of disguise?" the Doctor said.

"Cybermen suit, costume, thing," Jack said, running his hands up and down his body. "Dress and act like one and get close enough to paralyze him. Then bring him back here and modify him."

"Whoever dressed up like a Cybermen has to act completely emotionless. Like I told Rose once, you show any emotion, you're dead. Are you volunteering for this then?" the Doctor said to Jack.

"I wasn't planning on it, I was just throwing that out there," Jack said. "However, if you want me to do that…"

"I volunteer as well," River said. "I think Jack and I could handle the Cybermen well enough if we get into trouble."

"Why thank you, Mrs. Doctor," Jack said to her.

Jack chuckled when River snorted at that.

"I want to go as well," the Doctor said. "I want to be there to help and I also have experience fighting the Cybermen. Having said that…John, I want you to be in command here while I'm out and if something does happen and I end up a Cybermen, you get the TARDIS."

"Me?" John said. "You trust me that much?"

"Yes, I do. I was wrong about you and I realize that now. Besides, who else could look after the old girl? Besides, even if I do make it back, I need someone here in command of it all. I want you to do that," he said, patting John's shoulder.

"Thank you," John said as the Doctor patted his shoulder a second time.

"So, I suppose I could ask the TARDIS to make realistic Cybermen suits but the job of acting like a Cyberman would be down to us. We have to make it look realistic because this lot will show us no mercy if they discover us. Are you sure you want to do this?" he said to Jack and River.

They nodded.

"Very well, TARDIS, can you make us some Cybermen disguises and be sure to add something that would make our voices sound robotic."

The TARDIS grumbled an affirmative.

"Right, so I'll take us to the Cybermen outpost and…"

He frowned when there was a flash and a metal collar appeared. He picked it up and examined it. The metal collar had a round silver disc on the front of it that had a tiny blue light in the center.

"What's this?" the Doctor said, looking up at the ceiling.

The TARDIS rumbled and grumbled at him and the Doctor's eyes widened in understanding.

"Ah. This will subdue the Cybermen we wish to capture. We have to place it around his neck and fasten it and the robot will be paralyzed," the Doctor said, holding the collar up for everyone to see.

"So all you have to do is get close enough to one to put it on him," Sarah Jane said dryly.

"Yeah and I thought it was gonna be easy," Jack said.

"What are you whinging about, you're immortal," John said.

"I would still like to keep my brain inside my head and not spend the rest of my immortality as a robot, thanks," Jack said to him.

Jack finished speaking and then he suddenly stared at something over John's shoulder with wide eyes. John turned and yelped when he saw Mandy's disembodied head floating there.

"Hi, Daddy!" Mandy said.

John didn't speak. He was too shocked at seeing his adopted daughter's head floating at eye level to his.

"Pond!" the Doctor yelled.

Amy sighed when the TARDIS made them visible again. They were still chatting with Casanova.

"What?" Amy said.

"What is this? Is she dead now?" the Doctor said, pointing to Mandy's head.

"Um…wait a tic, bilocating now," Amy said.

She sat there while her second self went off to investigate.

"Daddy, I'm in a ride," Mandy said to John.

"No, she's not here, I just asked," Amy said to the Doctor.

"Thanks for checking but she just said she was in a ride of some sort," the Doctor said.

John gasped when Rose's disembodied head appeared next to Mandy's.

"Hi, love. Don't panic, we're in some sort of machine that allows you to see far away. We asked the machine to show you so we're viewing you at the moment."

"But you're both heads now," John said.

"We are? Oh…yeah," Rose said when she turned her head to look at Mandy. "We are just heads now. Sorry, love, didn't mean to scare ya," she said.

"The Doctor thought Mandy was dead," John said.

"No, we're not dead, just having fun. Sorry," Rose said sheepishly. "We didn't realize we'd look like floating heads to you lot."

"Hi, Daddy," Mandy said to him.

"You really do think I'm your daddy now, dontcha?" John teased her. "I still think we could sell her on the black market and get some money, maybe even a nice turkey dinner or a few pints?"

"What are you lot doing now?" Rose asked them.

The Doctor explained their plan. Rose frowned at that.

"Are you sure you could control a Cyberman once you got him?" she asked.

"No, but it's worth a try," the Doctor said. "If not, I'll just deactivate it."

"I could use it for target practice," Strax piped up.

"No, you can just lay off the guns until we find the Brotherhood, thanks," the Doctor said to him.

"Mandy is making friends with Anwen," Rose said to them. "She's getting over her shyness and she's starting to follow her around. It's cute. Rhys is outside this machine. I think they went to get something to drink. He says hello to Gwen," Rose said, looking around for her.

"Tell her I said hello and I love him and Anwen and for them to be good," Gwen said.

"Okay, I'll tell him. Well, I'll let you get back to work. Come on, Mandy, let's go find something else to do. Goodbye everyone!"

They said goodbye to them and John shook his head when the heads disappeared.

"The TARDIS has a weird sense of humor, that's for certain," he said.

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