Chapter Eighteen

"Ugh," Jack said when he saw the Cybersuits.

They were all standing inside the laboratory. The TARDIS had designed three special Cybersuits, all sized to fit the Doctor, River and Jack. The suits opened up in the back and the arms, legs and head detached. While they were putting the suits on, the Doctor spoke to his friends.

"Sarah, Wilf, I want to ask if you'll help John and be in charge of everyone," the Doctor said while he sat on a chair and slipped one of the legs on.

"It'd be a pleasure," Wilf said.

"I will," Sarah Jane said.

"Thank you," the Doctor said. "Blimey, this does feel constricting. No wonder they have to shut down the emotions when they put the mind inside one of these things."

They finished putting the Cybersuit on. The Doctor slowly stood up and began to walk around, trying to get used to the restrictive feel of the suit. He walked over to Martha.

"Hello," he said in a robotic voice. "Can I chat you up? I am a robot looking for love."

Martha laughed along with the others.

"Um…sure, Mister Robot, what's your sign?" she said to him.

"Crossed computers," the Doctor said in his Cybermen voice. "Would you like to come back to my place for a coffee and an upgrade?"

Martha laughed.

"Nah, I'm in a relationship," she said, pointing to Mickey.

The Doctor walked over to him.

"She is mine, Puny," he said while Mickey grinned. "You will give her to me or face upgrading."

"No, clear off, C3PO!" Mickey said, pointing to the lab door.

"That is racist! You will be upgraded and we will remove racism!" the Doctor said, pointing to him.

They laughed while the Doctor took the Cybermen head off and took a breath of fresh air.

"Blimey, it's hot in this thing," he said. "At least I'm getting used to walking around in it."

He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see River or Jack behind him. He couldn't tell since the head was on but he realized it was River when she began to strike poses and said in a robotic voice…

"How do you like me now, Sweetie?"

The Doctor put his head back on and locked it in place.

"I approve. You will come with me to the sleep chamber and be upgraded!" he said to her while everyone laughed.

Jack walked over to Grace and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Good evening," he said in his robotic voice when she turned around. "Have you ever fornicated with a piece of metal? After all, they say once you go Cyberman…"

He paused and thought how to finish that while Grace giggled.

"You know, once you go Cyberman and all," he finished with a shrug.

"Mm…yeah, that was very witty, Mister Tin Man," Grace said. "Not interested, sorry. I'd rather have a Time Lord," she teased.

Jack stared at her for a moment before walking over to John. He took his hand and led him back to Grace, stood him in front of her, patted John on the shoulder and wished him good luck and walked away while everyone laughed.

"Hello, I'm only half Time Lord but I'm aaaaall man," John said, waggling his eyebrows at her. "And as they say, once you go Time Lord, you'll never be bored. Ha! See I can think up a clever rhyme, unlike some people," he said.

They laughed when Jack flipped him off.


The Doctor led them to the console room. He took his head off and put it on the chair behind him while he piloted the TARDIS towards the Cyberfleet.

"John, you have to take the TARDIS and get it away from the Cyberfleet as soon as we get out. I'll take my Stattenheim remote control and call it back to us when we're finished. But the last thing I want is for this ship to fall into enemy hands."

Gotcha," John said.

The TARDIS landed and the Doctor grabbed his head and put it back on as he, River and Jack hurried to the front door. John stood at the console and watched while they hurried out the door. Once the door closed, John rushed around the console and took the TARDIS back into the vortex.

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