Chapter Four

"Wow, this is quite a big cave," the Doctor said as he led the way.

They were going down a stone passageway that was slowly going downwards. The walls were unadorned but they were at a point in time where man didn't do cave paintings yet. There were no evidence of anyone inhabiting the cave, man or animal, but there was definitely something here judging from the readings.

Every once in awhile he would glance back at their newest member. Runt was still with them but she looked a bit skittish now and he wondered if eventually she would bolt back up the passageway towards the safety of a tree. She was extremely brave but he figured it was because she was on her own due to being ostracized so often.

They walked for about fifteen minutes until the Doctor was stopped cold. In front of him was a steel door that prevented them from going further. He looked at Mickey and Rose.

"Definitely not something you see in your common or garden prehistoric era," he said to his companions.

"Why is it here?" Mickey said. "Is this a secret base or something?"

"Dunno but good guess," the Doctor said.

He looked at Runt. She had come up beside Rose and was staring at the door with confusion.

"What is this?" she said, walking up and putting her hand on it. "It's unknown to me."

"Yes, I gathered that," the Doctor said. "This is a door."

"What does that mean?" Runt said, looking at him.

"Well, a door is designed to keep something out or keep something in butů"

He tried his screwdriver on it and heard it unlocking.

"Doors are made to be opened," he said to Runt.

Runt screeched in alarm when the door began to swing open. She wanted to run but she noticed no one else was leaving. Then the door opened and a light came on and curiosity overtook fear when she saw a metallic room beyond the door.

"Yup, definitely not your usual prehistoric, dawn of man stuff," the Doctor said, putting his sonic in his pocket.

He went through the door and Rose and Mickey followed him. Rose looked at Runt and smiled warmly when she saw the fear on her face.

"The Doctor will look after you," Rose said to her. "Come inside."

Runt hesitated before walking through. Inside the room were metal chairs with leather straps on them. These chairs were bolted to the wall by the door. Next to them was a metal bed with more straps on it and across the room was a metal counter with metal cabinets above it. There were drawers underneath the counter and beside it was another closed door. The Doctor was examining the closed door while Rose and Mickey walked around the room. It was all very strange to her and she was amazed that her new clan wasn't afraid of this odd room and its contents. She shook her head. They shouldn't be here.

The Doctor used his sonic on the door and heard it unlocking. He smiled at that. He loved a door that opened easily. But as he went to open it, his acute hearing heard a soft humming behind the door that wasn't there before. He paused and listened. He sensed Rose and Mickey coming up behind him and Rose started to say something but he shushed her and held up his hand for silence. He heard the humming intensify and he decided to open the door enough to stick his head inside and see what was going on. But before he could do that, the door behind them slammed shut and locked. Runt screeched in panic and ran away from it while the Doctor ran to it and tried the sonic on it. This time it was deadlocked sealed and the Doctor let out a curse while he looked around for a way to open it.


The Doctor spun around when Rose yelled and saw the other door slowly opening by itself. Rose and Mickey backed away from it and Runt was crouched down behind the table, breathing heavily from fear. The Doctor kept his sonic at the ready while he walked towards the open door. As he neared it, the lights switched on and the Doctor saw a large metal box that was shaped like a sarcophagus. It was in the middle of the room and the Doctor could hear it unlocking and hear humming and hissing sounds inside it. While he stared at the unadorned metal, he suddenly felt a consciousness inside his mind. A familiar and yet terrifying flicker of a mind he hadn't felt for ages. A mind that belonged to someone he long thought dead. He realized the metal box was a cryogenic life support system and the person inside had been in cryosleep. He also guessed that coming in and turning everything on triggered the box and caused it to wake its inhabitant. The Doctor felt the consciousness becoming stronger and he knew that he had to get himself and his friends out of here before the occupant woke and did something unpleasant to them. He ran back out of the room, furiously trying to open the other door with the sonic. Then he heard a groaning and a loud hiss and watched with silent horror while the top of the lid slowly opened and came up off the box.

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