Chapter Six

Rose and Mickey glanced at each other and looked to the Doctor for support. Rani noticed that and grinned.

"Your apes are at a loss without your divine leadership, Theta," she said to the Doctor. "On the other hand it's easier to control them if they think your life is in jeopardy."

"Just let them go, deal with me and me only," the Doctor growled at her.

"How very noble but I have an idea stirring in my brain and I'm afraid it involves all of you…and that includes the ape over there," she said, pointing to Runt.

Runt cowered when Rani pointed to her. She wasn't sure what was going on but she sensed this female had somehow usurped Prime Male's position in the clan. Since joining this clan, he concept of clan life had been turned upside down. She watched Prime Male. He wasn't moving from his spot. He was standing in the middle of a blue light while the female taunted him. She glanced at the other members of the clan. The male and female were standing near Prime Male, looking at him for support. It was at this point that Runt decided that perhaps it would be best to stand with her clan instead of hiding in a corner. After all, they made her a part of it; she had a duty to defend the clan from this strange female.


"What are you planning, Rani?" the Doctor asked his enemy while she circled around him.

"Well, I'm planning a regeneration of sorts," the Rani said.

"Your own, I hope," the Doctor snarled at her.

"Now, Theta, that wasn't very nice. I'm talking about the regeneration of our species, seeing as how you eradicated them."

"I did what I had to do," the Doctor growled at her.

Rani shrugged.

"Maybe you did, maybe you didn't, I'm not going to argue about that. The point is, we have the means to resurrect our own people."

"Oh? And what means are those?"

Rani sniggered and the Doctor narrowed his eyes.

"You're thick, Theta, you know that?" the Rani said while the Doctor tightened his jaw. "We have ourselves and we have the humans and…"

She paused for a moment and noticed Runt for the moment and noticed she was snarling and moving menacingly towards her.

"Well, well, your dog seems to have forgotten its fear for the moment," she said.

"Runt, stay back," the Doctor said.

"Runt? How aptly named," the Rani said, sneering at the tiny Australopithecus. "If I were you…Runt…I'd back off and go back to your corner."

"You threaten Prime Male, you leave now!" Runt growled at her.

"Oh, it can talk, can it?" Rani said. "How very charming. However, Prime Male, I'd advise telling Runt to stand down before I do brain surgery on her."

"Runt, stop!" the Doctor said.

Runt fell silent for a moment and stopped her advance while Rani watched in bemusement. She looked at Rani and bared her teeth while she started towards her again.

"Runt, no, stop! I order you to stop!" the Doctor said angrily.

Runt stopped but she was confused.

"She is disrespecting you," Runt said, gesturing to Rani.

"Yes," the Doctor said while Rani chortled. "But I can handle her. I order you to stop your attack and go over there with Rose and Mickey."

Runt glanced at Rani. Rani gave her a smug look and Runt snarled at her. Then she glanced at the Doctor and saw the disapproving look on his face and with a glare at Rani, she walked over to Rose and Mickey.

"Charming," Rani said. "It's nice to know the intelligence level of your companions hasn't changed over the years. So…back to disrespecting you then?" she said sweetly while the Doctor glowered at her. "As I was saying, we have all the genetic material here to resurrect the Time Lords. After all, our kind and humans share some basic genetic traits," she added, looking pointedly at Rose and Mickey.

"Leave them alone," the Doctor said. "You want some genetic material, take it from me and splice it with your own. They're off limits to you."

"And how do you propose to stop me…Prime Male?" she said, gesturing to the force field prison. "You're in there and I'm out here with your humans. Of course, you could sic your doggie after me," she said, glancing at Runt. "I suppose I could use the primitive human in some way while I'm rebuilding our species. Maybe I could put a dinosaur tail on it for my amusement…anyway, you two normal humans. I want you to march over to those chairs so I can strap you in. I can't guarantee that my experiments will be painless…more than likely they'll be very painful but you humans are resilient, aren't you? Now move before I kill Prime Male and extract his DNA from his dead body!"

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