A Broken Heart

Author's note: I seldom write comicverse Hellboy stories. His relationship with Anastasia Bransfield in Christopher Golden's novels is now consider canonical in the comicverse universe. I wrote this little drabble for a contest. It is exactly 100 words, not including the title. Hellboy met Anastasia in 1979 and his relationship with her ended in 1981. For variety of reasons, it caused a lot of friction between Hellboy and Trevor Bruttenholm.

By the sound of the heavy tread, Trevor Bruttenholm knew who was coming up the stairs to his study.

He was nervous. They had parted on bad terms the last they met.

“Well, Professor, I’m back.” Hellboy turned to leave.

Bruttenholm stood, moving closer. “I’m pleased to see you again, my boy.”

“Well, it’s over between me and Stasia. Don’t blame her. I ended it. Couldn’t take the way they looked at her.”

“I was afraid of this,” Bruttenholm sighed.

“We were happy. Why couldn’t people just leave us alone?”

“Will you stay tonight?”

“Not here; Connecticut.” Turning, Hellboy left.

Thanks for reading, Beth Palladino

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