Author's notes: This fic is loosely based on a Del Toro backstory item about HB's younger years with a few details thrown in from the Mignola comics. Main characters are not mine, the characters that are mine (doctors, nurses, etc.) are basically functional to the plot.

The postwar years, especially the 40's and 50's were instrumental in the development of our contemporary understanding of human rights. I thought it would be interesting to consider how this all would apply to a sentient being who was not human. Eventually to be in three parts. The Prologue and Part One are complete and I'm working on the rest. This could be considered a kind of sequel to "Father's Day Gifts", but the two stories could be read in any order.

A Tale of 'Demon' Rights


Trevor Bruttenholm, the director of the FBI's Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense since its inception in the early 1940s, had been born in England. He moved to the United States in 1944 after his discovery of Hellboy during an operation against Nazi occultists on an island off the coast of Scotland. He then resided with the infant demon at a series of secret military bases eventually ending up in New Mexico.

Professor Broom, as his name is correctly pronounced, insisted on teaching the demon child to call him Father. During these early years Broom had missed being able to obtain decent tea and to have real crumpets instead of those dreadful muffins that they insisted on serving him from military mess halls. In 1951 Broom's BPRD finally established its first permanent headquarters in Boston. Broom relished this move to a city where they actually had decent bakeries and stores that imported teas and pastries from Europe.

Unfortunately, the establishing of these headquarters was for a long time delayed by interminable red tape dealing with questions as to Broom's right to sole custody of the demon he insisted on calling his son. There were also other issues dealing with Hellboy himself. How do you classify a demon? What kinds of rights would the United States government grant him?

The only thing that they actually knew for sure about Hellboy was that he was not human. Some highly placed officials in the federal government felt that this immediately ruled out Hellboy having any legal status whatsoever. As far as they were concerned Hellboy was property, property that legitimately belonged to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to do with as they pleased.

Many government officials took one look at the small and usually mild- mannered Trevor Bruttenholm, dressed as he always was in tweeds, wool vest, and silk tie, and figured that he would be easy to push over.

They were very, very wrong.

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