A Tale of ‘Demon’ Rights: Part Three: Continuing the Crusade

Chapter Seven

After this heart-rending session with the International Court of Justice panel, Trevor Broom and Hellboy had returned to the place where they were staying in the Netherlands to find a telegram waiting for them.

Trevor Broom was being called back to the United States to again take up the reins of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. President Truman had finally become fed up with the current state of affairs in the Bureau. It had come to the point where he had either to close it down completely or tolerate what seemed to be a wholesale slaughter of FBI agents in Argentina.

The president was unwilling to accept either of these choices. He forced upon the FBI a change in the status of the Bureau. Rather than being an organization directly under the control of the FBI, President Truman turned it into a semi-autonomous, if secret, Bureau within the Dept. of Justice, the parent organization of the FBI. However, close ties would still connect it to the FBI in the providing of funding, support, and a supply of specially trained agents.

It was now the beginning of December of 1950. Trevor Broom and Hellboy were to return to Washington just long enough to wind up their affairs there. Broom was to be given almost compete authority to run the organization in any way he saw fit. He would be given the funding to be able to use his extensive connections and reputation within the world of paranormal research and psychic phenomenon to bring in the best experts that he could find.

A brand new headquarters was being established in a secret location in Boston, Massachusetts. The facilities were to be well staffed, with an extensive infrastructure of supportive services. Gone were the days when the Bureau was a bungalow in New Mexico staffed by Broom, his assistant, and a handful of soldiers.

Trevor Broom, Hellboy, and Paul, who still continued as Broom’s assistant, moved into these new facilities in January of 1951. ‘Lee’ was to continue as the liaison to the FBI during the Bureau’s decade long tenure in Boston and continued with the organization when it shifted to much more extensive headquarters in Newark, New Jersey in the early 1960s.

There was one absolute condition that had to be fulfilled before Trevor Broom allowed himself to again take over the reins of the BPRD. He refused to return to any connection with the FBI until he was granted sole permanent custody of Hellboy. He was especially insistent on this because, at this point in time, the United Nations had yet to make any declaration on Hellboy’s status. He also insisted that the federal government agree to continue to support Hellboy after he was gone. President Truman agreed to all of this and, right after the beginning of the year in 1951, Trevor Broom was officially and permanently designated as Hellboy’s adoptive father.

Trevor Broom, as director of the BPRD, was ensconced, in both Boston and Newark, in facilities that made him look to most eyes like a wealthy man. He was able to conduct his research with the best available technology, further expand his already extensive library, and live in comfort.

Most also thought that he made a large personal salary. He did not. As far as Trevor Broom was concerned he had been required, in January of 1950, to make a choice between his salary and his son. He had chosen his son and, upon return as director of the BPRD in 1951, refused ever again to accept a personal salary. Broom wanted nothing more from the federal government than a place to live with Hellboy, food to put on the table, and funding to run his Bureau.

Upon his death many decades later, Trevor Broom was found, in terms of his own personal wealth, to be virtually a pauper. Yet, he felt that as long as he had his faith, his life’s work and, especially, his son his life was a completely full and rich one.

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