Author’s note: Here’s Part Two of my first Abe Sapien story. He’s sort of making a slow, dramatic entrance. This continues directly from the end of Part One. It might be better to go back and read that if you haven’t already done so. Reminder: the time period here is October of 1978 about a week before Halloween.

Chapter Five: Abe Sapien: Sibling Rivalry: Part Two

Hellboy awoke a little earlier than usual the next morning. He was curious what his father could have discovered the evening before that had him so excited. Trevor Broom was never exactly blasé about his work, but dealing with the paranormal had been something that he had been doing professionally for almost forty years and had been studying for even longer; it took something really unique to get him as keyed up as Hellboy had seen him when he had arrived back from Washington.

He hoped that his father had, indeed, slept in after his late-night excursion. It was possible that he was still eating breakfast even though it was after nine o’clock in the morning. On the few mornings when he arose late, Trevor Broom often ate his breakfast in his office. Hellboy’s own breakfast had not arrived yet, so he decided to look his father up and, if he was still eating, have his breakfast sent to the office and join him.

He rushed through showering and dressing in record time, forgoing sanding down his horns. Ten minutes later he arrived at the door to his father’s office.

As he pulled open the golden-oak door he could smell food; not just the English teas and pastries that his father usually had for breakfast, but coffee, pancakes, maple syrup, toast, and bacon as well.

Trevor Broom looked up from the table in front of the large fireplace where he was seated drinking a cup of tea. He smiled as Hellboy walked in. “Since I was eating so late this morning, I took the liberty of having your breakfast sent in here as well. We so seldom have a chance to eat together in the morning. I was just about to send for you.”

Hellboy poured himself a large mug of black coffee and flopped down into the other chair at the table, which creaked under his weight. “I was kind of thinking the same thing; I thought you might still be eating breakfast.” He helped himself to a large stack of the pancakes and bacon and poured syrup all over everything on his plate.

He stuffed a large portion into his mouth and laughed as he realized that he was eating strawberry and banana pancakes. He waved his fork at Broom. “You’re still trying to sneak fruit into my diet, aren’t you?”

Broom shrugged, pouring himself another cup of tea and buttering a scone, “I just thought that maybe you wouldn’t mind something a little different for a change.”

Hellboy ate another mouthful of the pancakes topped off with a gulp of his coffee.

“Actually, they taste pretty good.” He looked over at his father, who still seemed quite excited about something.

“O.K., Pop, what gives?” Hellboy said as he continued eating, “Why not tell me what happened last night? I’m burning with curiosity. It’s not often that you get this charged up about something or stay out until the wee hours of the morning.”

Broom ate his scone and washed it down with a few mouthfuls of tea. “This is exactly the reason why I wanted to have breakfast with you this morning. I need for you to grasp the enormity of these events.”

He helped himself to a couple of slices of bacon from the huge bowl that had been prepared for Hellboy’s breakfast.

“I really should start at the beginning. Last evening, after I had eaten supper, I decided to go to my own room and read in bed before retiring for the night. I had only just arrived there when Mark Baldwin came and said that there was an urgent call from Washington. It was from William Webster, who is now director of the FBI. I realized from Will’s tone that he was calling about something significant, but outside of informing me that an odd discovery was made in an abandoned laboratory in the basement of St. Trinian’s Hospital he would say nothing more.”

Broom reached into his basket of pastries and pulled out a croissant, cut it in half and buttered it. He placed the slices of bacon on it and ate it while he continued speaking.

“I was asked to fly immediately to Washington to consult on this matter. Will asked me to come without speaking to anyone. The only people I spoke to before I left were Mark, who had to assist with the arrangements for getting me to the airport, and the agent who drove me there. When I arrived to the FBI’s headquarters in Washington I was informed that I would not be able to make any phone calls. All this secrecy had me intrigued; it made me aware that this was something really big.”

Hellboy, who was already eating his way through a second large plateful of pancakes and bacon, interrupted him.

“Jeez, Pop, is this discovery really that big? Sounds to me like they’re probably over-reacting. They couldn’t even let you make one phone call so I wouldn’t sit here wondering what happened to you?”

Broom buttered a crumpet, put some orange marmalade on it, and poured another cup of tea.

“If I had realized that this would be so, I would certainly have told you something before I left. As it is I’m not supposed to be telling you something now either, but I consider you not just as my son, but as my chief field operative; I believe that I can trust you to keep this information to yourself until I am ready to share it with others.”

Broom wiped his hands on his napkin and arose from the table. He walked over to his large wooden desk and picked up what looked like a small piece of old parchment. He came back to the table.

“To answer your question, Son: Yes, this discovery really is that big.”

He placed the parchment on the table where Hellboy could read it: Icthyo Sapien, April 14, 1865.

Hellboy, as he reached for his tenth piece of toast, stared up at Broom. “You’re saying that someone’s found evidence that there’d been some sort of fish-man created in this lab the day Lincoln was shot?”

Broom picked up the parchment and returned it to his desk. He came back to the table and sat down. “I’m glad that you still remember some of the Latin and Greek I taught you in New Mexico when you were four years old and the American history lessons you had in Boston.” He poured himself a fresh cup of tea, took a long, slow drink, and then set the cup down.

He leaned forward across the table. “We have more than mere evidence of the existence of some sort of fish-man; we have the fish-man himself in one of the laboratories in the restricted section of our Medical Wing. And he appears to be alive.”

Hellboy dropped the piece of toast he had been buttering. “Alive? You’re not kidding, are you?”

Broom shook his head. “Abraham appears, however, to be in some sort of state of suspended animation and may have been in this condition since the date that appears on the parchment.”

“Abraham?” grunted Hellboy, “You’ve named this thing already?”

“Hellboy, you know that I don’t like fellow beings referred to as ‘things’.”

Broom seldom called Hellboy by the name that he had always regretted bestowing on him unless he was really annoyed with him. Hellboy looked up from the plate of bacon and toast that he was eating from. “Sorry, Father.”

“It was the plumbers who discovered him in the hospital basement that christened him in honor of President Lincoln. Some of our scientists are performing tests right now to see what exactly is Abraham’s nature and if he can be revived into a state of conscious awareness.”

Hellboy dropped the toast and bacon sandwich he had been eating back on to his plate, having suddenly lost his appetite.

“Tests,” he growled, “I remember the Bureau’s tests. Bastard things. I hope that you’re not planning on putting Abe through that crap.”

Broom sighed, “Son, sometimes these tests are necessary.”

Hellboy stood up from the table. “Well, when do I get to see the new guy?”

Broom stood up as well, “Right now if you want.”

To be continued...

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