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Ch. 54

Ok I liked the story except the part where he kisses kate while he's with liz that was inappropriate and it was cheating it contradicts the characters personalities if liz saw that she would have been very hurt and how would hellboy feel if she kissed another guy not cool I though his friendship w kate was way to close for comfort I would have liked it if their friendship was more realistic after he started dating liz I don't know anyone who would be ok w there partner kissing someone else that violates trust and he acted like it was not cheating and didn't mention it to limit was just too creepy but the story otherwise was great it's just that part that made me mad it really bothers me that hellboy did that

Deb Terry (RL Name) (quester@sunflower.com)

Your stories are absolutely heart breaking. I was leery of HB fanfic but you certainly convinced me to at least try. I wish there was more but I'm having a hard time finding things, could you point me in the right direction? Please?

Lyn (lyndamic@gmail.com)
Chapter 5: Abe Sapien: Sibling Rivalry: Part 23

Thank you for writing this excellent fic. I have searched high and low for Hellboy fan fiction, and had nearly given up on finding anything worthwhile. All I found previous to my discovery of "Hellboy's Family" was fangirly squee written by...the less educated among us. Or possibly just kids with crushes on the big guy. ;-)

Your work is a real treat to read; well thought out, with respectful consideration given to canon. You have a genuine talent for writing fiction, and conveying the emotions of your characters. I was up until 2am finishing this last chapter, and I eagerly await further developments.

Kudos on your accomplishment thus far; I hope you take well-deserved pride in your writing. Well done.