(New York Public Library)

Abe Sapien: Red, there's a presence here

Hellboy: good, bad

Abe Sapien: both good and evil, it's protecting something

Liz: what is it, is it dangerous

Abe Sapien: I don't know what the presence is, it doesn't want to hurt anything but it will defend what ever it's protecting, if it's endangered

Hellboy: can you tell what it's protecting

Abe Sapien: it's protecting a child

Hellboy: what!? (he's about to kick the door open when Abe stops him)

Abe Sapien: Red, no, we need to enter carefully, we don't want to provoke it

(they open the door and slowly go in a deep voice rumbles from the dark rose of book shelves)

Cyroo: who dares disturb my watch

Abe Sapien: we are here from the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense to speak to you about your residence

Cyroo: silence, fish demon

Hellboy: hey!, scale face! where's the kid!?

Cyroo: silence Red demon, you will wake her

Chibi: (yawns) Cyroo...? what's going on....? (a girl no older than 17 climbs onto the large scaly creatures back rubbing her eyes)

Cyroo: nothing small one, go back to sleep now

Hellboy: let the kid go

Chibi: Cyroo who are those people

Liz: we're here to help

Cyroo: come forward, Lady of The Flames

(Liz walks towards him, the creature lowers its head, revealing a scarlet face set with deep amber eyes, the girl slides down the creature’s neck and lands in front of Liz)

Chibi: why are you here to help

Liz: well, it's not very common to see something like .... well like-

Chibi: Cyroo

Liz: yes, where are your parents

Chibi: don't know, Cyroo's taken care of me as long as I can remember

Cyroo: for years we lived in the mountains up until four days ago when your kind started pursuing us, so we fled and came here

Liz: people are frightened, and they'll pursue you here too

Cyroo: do you perhaps know of a place where Chibi and I will be safe

Liz: there is a place, but I'm not sure the Bureau would be big enough to hold you, just how big are you anyway

Cyroo: 6'2" from head to foot, 4'9" from nose to tail

Liz: just a few inches shorter than Red, I think you will fit, will you come with us then

Cyroo: we will yes, Chibi, arms up

(Chibi puts her arms up and holds onto the dragon's snout, and he lifts her up onto his back, he gets up and lumbers forward behind Liz and comes to a stop before Hellboy and Abe)

Liz: Red, Blue, this is Cyroo and Chibi, they're coming back to the Bureau with us

Hellboy: Liz, I don't think Manning is going to be too happy with us if we bring a dragon home with us

Chibi: why not you're bigger than Cyroo and they let you stay don't they

Abe Sapien: she has a point Red

Hellboy: all right back to the truck people

(they go to the back, where the garbage truck they travel in is parked Agent John Myers at the wheel)

Hellboy: you're riding in back with us scales

(the dragon starts into the back but Chibi climbs in first)

Hellboy: whao! I don't think so kid, you're riding up front with Liz and Myers

Chibi: I wanna stay with Cyroo

(Cyroo picks her up gently in his mouth by the neck of her jacket and places her outside)

Cyroo: go on small one, off with you now

(he nudges her forward with his nose and watches as she climbs into the front of the truck before he gets in the back)

(back at the Bureau loading dock Chibi jumps out of the cab of the garbage truck and watches as the back of the truck opens and Cyroo lumbers out slowly)

Cyroo: blasted steps

Tom Manning: what the hell is that thing

Cyroo: I beg your pardon sir!

Chibi: my name is Chibi and this is Cyroo, he's not normally this grumpy but he's been in the back of that truck for so long he's a little sore from all the traveling, I'm very sorry sir

Tom Manning: well he can get back on the truck because he's not staying here

Chibi: then I can't stay

Tom Manning: you can stay, you have to stay, but he can't

Chibi: not without Cyroo

Tom Manning: what, why not

Hellboy: it's like this Manning these two are a package deal, you can't have one without the other, where ever one goes the other follows.

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