Author’s Notes: I had so many ideas come to me after I wrote the last drabble that I couldn't help writing another for the same contest. This would be taking place somewhere in Europe in 1980. Hellboy would be around 36 years old and has taken a leave of absence from the Bureau to travel the world with his lover, archaeologist Anastasia Bransfield. Bruttenholm does not approve. It is exactly 100 words according to my Microsoft Word not including the title.

“Come home, my boy.” Trevor Bruttenholm hesitated and then went on, “You have a responsibility to the Bureau.”

Hellboy shook his head. “I don’t mind doing things for you guys once in a while, but I like the way things are right now.”

Bruttenholm turned away. “I don’t like the influence this woman has over you.”

“This woman’s named Anastasia,” Hellboy snapped, “Wish you would use it.”

“Does it matter? She’s still pulling you away from me. I miss the life we used to have.”

Hellboy almost smiled. “Sometimes I do, too, Sir, but I have my own life now.”

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