Author’s notes: This story, which was originally posted two years ago for New Year’s, is just as much connected to my current ‘Liz Sherman’ chapter of Hellboy’s Family as the ‘Abe Sapien’ chapter that I was writing then. I find myself in the mood today to add another short chapter, which picks up from where the first ended.

Moving On: A Hellboy Tale of the New YearChapter Two

Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense
Newark, New Jersey
1/1/2005 (New Year’s Day)

Later that same morning

Opening his eyes, Hellboy sleepily looked around his room and then down at the woman in the red satin nightgown who was still fast asleep next to him on the bed he had converted from an old truck.

Carefully gathering Liz into his arms in order not to wake her, he leaned up against the truck cab that formed the ‘headboard’ of his unusual bed; kissing the top of Liz’s head as he cradled her closer with his huge stone hand. Without completely awakening, she shifted herself in his arms, laid her head on his chest, and continued sleeping.

As he gently brushed some hair back from her face with his normal-sized left hand, images came into his mind of a dream he had just before waking; another dream about his father. For once, unlike what had driven him away from Liz’s side earlier, this dream about the late Trevor Broom was a serenely peaceful one rather than some dark nightmare. He couldn’t recall details of this dream, but it left him feeling comforted, hopeful, even blessed in some ways.

“Ironic,” he muttered, as a deeply ingrained cynicism reared its head, “blessed isn’t exactly the way most people would describe something that looked like me.” Yet, even as that thought passed through his head, the hope that had taken root in his heart after he had prayed earlier in the chapel spoke of another truth; and he knew that the source of that hope and truth lay sleeping in his arms.

However, that little cynical guy in his head was not so easy to get rid of. ‘Right now she loves you because you’re safe to love. Someday she won’t need that safety anymore. Then she’ll…’

“Aw, shut the hell up,” Hellboy growled under his breath.

“Who’re you talking to, H.B.?” came a sleepy voice from the head on his chest.

“No one, Lizzie; at least no one of any importance.” Leaning down, he drew her up into a long kiss.

When they broke off, Liz smiled up at him. “I could get used to waking up like that every day.”

“Yeah,” Hellboy smiled back at her, “so could I.” Then he looked away, his smile fading slightly as that little cynical guy whispered more self-doubts. “But, you know, Lizzie, maybe someday…”

Liz sat up, the satin nightgown sliding from one shoulder, and poked a finger into Hellboy’s face. “Stop that right now, H.B. Neither you nor I live in this mythical ‘someday’ of yours. The only day I know is this day now and the only place I want to be is in your arms, in your heart, and in your bed. Anyways, what girl wouldn’t want a guy who thinks she’s absolute perfection, even when she’s far from perfect, and would go to Hell and back to save her?”

Hellboy blinked, and then laughed, “I really like it when you get firm with me, Liz.”

“Well, I need to be firm with you, Red. Just remember; every day becomes a new day for us to learn more about our love and every year becomes a new year we can explore together.”

As Liz reached up and pulled Hellboy down into another long kiss, he banished that little cynical guy deep into the darker recesses of his mind and once again felt very blessed.

Hope everyone is having a great New Year, Beth Palladino

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