Author’s notes: Main characters not mine and neither are Peeps, which belong to the Just Born company. I’m just having a little fun.

Sugar High: A Hellboy Tale

Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense
Newark, New Jersey
Easter, 1979

Hellboy dug around in the basket of chocolate bunnies and other goodies Trevor Broom had given him for Easter. Fishman Abe Sapien watched as a few more Cadbury Chocolate Cream Eggs appeared and a long, narrow box full of bright yellow-colored things with pinpoint black eyes.

Having been more than a century in suspended animation, this was Abe’s first Easter, at least that he could remember. He was more than intrigued with these odd looking candies. His own special Easter basket was filled with eggs; his own favorite snack of rotten eggs.

After wolfing down another chocolate egg, Hellboy continued to munch on his chocolate bunny as he noticed Abe eyeing his basket. “Anything you wanna taste, Blue?” he managed to get out around his mouthful of chocolate.

Abe pointed to the box of bright yellow bird-like blobs that stared out at him with their tiny black eyes.

“What are these interesting things?” He pulled the box out of Hellboy’s basket to look more closely.

“Peeps,” Hellboy just managed to get out while chewing another Cadbury egg.

“Peeps? Don’t tell me these amorphous shapes are supposed to be birds.”

Hellboy laughed. “Chicks; they’re supposed to be marshmallow chicks. You know, Easter chicks.”

Turning over the box, Abe read through the list of ingredients—Sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, contains less than 0.5 percent of the following ingredients: potassium sorbate (a preservative), artificial flavors, yellow #5 (tartrazine), carnauba wax. He looked up in shock, “Wax, blech, who wants to eat wax?”

With his normal-sized left hand, Hellboy snatched the box back from his friend’s webbed fingers. “Shouldn’t expect good taste from a guy who likes stinky rotten eggs, I guess.”

Pulling another of the odiferous eggs from his basket, Abe shrugged while he swallowed his own treat, “At least my eggs come by their green color naturally and have no need for preservatives or wax.”

“But it’s just not Easter without Peeps, Blue,” said Hellboy as he dug around in the artificial grass in his basket to locate any last jellybeans that might be lurking there.

Abe shook his head. “Do you know what yellow #5 is made out of, Red? I think I can get through life without eating coal tar.”

“You don’t know what you’re missing, Abe,” Hellboy said as he ripped open the box and wolfed down all five yellow blobs, wax and all, at the same time. “It’s kinda a real Easter tradition and, anyways, eating Peeps is what’ll make you grow big and strong like me.”

“What you mean is that the coal tar will probably fry my brains. No thanks, Red, you can keep them,” Abe said as he dug into his basket for another of his favorite rotten eggs.

Thanks for reading, Beth Palladino

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