Author’s Notes: Just a little drabble. Enjoy! I originally wrote this for a HB fanfiction site that had lost all its content due to a malicious internet attack.

The New Girl

Just around lunchtime, Hellboy pushed his way into his father’s office. Trevor Broom was surprised; usually Hellboy was desperately waiting for his food by this time.

“Hey, Pop, who’s that new girl I saw in the hallway earlier? She’s pretty cute.”

Standing up and stretching, Broom realized that he was glad his son had interrupted him; he had almost forgotten to eat lunch again.

“She is Elizabeth Sherman, an uncontrolled pyrokinetic. Until recently she had been living, on and off, on the streets, a danger both to herself and the others around her. I have to say...”

“Elizabeth Sherman?” Hellboy interrupted, “Not that same little Lizzie Sherman I met in Chicago in 1986; the one who’d burned down an entire city block?”

Broom looked closer at Hellboy. “I had forgotten you had met her then. Yes, it is that same Liz Sherman. I’m sorry I never met her myself at that time; maybe things might have gone differently for her if I had. She’s had a very hard life and I just hope and pray we can help her both physically and emotionally.”

Hellboy smiled, “Well, all I can say, Pop, is that ‘little Lizzie’ grew up real cute.”

Walking out to go eat his lunch, Hellboy thought to himself that maybe, finally, something interesting was about to occur in his life.

Thanks for reading. All comments welcome, Beth Palladino

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