Corporal Myers soon arrived along with a squadron of several men. Barking orders for about two-thirds of them to fight off whatever enemy troops advanced upon Bryce's temporary base, he led the rest of his group inside.

"Which of you is Second Lieutenant Lynch?"

"I am, sir," Bryce answered, crisply, recognizing the uniform. "This is Cadet Ambrose Anderson."

"Cadet, Second Lieutenant?" Corporal Myers inquired. He turned to the cadet in question. "I thought that Cadet was an Academy rank?"

"Yes, sir," Cadet Anderson confirmed.

Corporal Myers turned to Second Lieutenant Lynch.

"When the initial attack came, the British Army suffered heavy losses," Bryce explained. "Many of our forces were lost. We were forced to draw new cadets out of training and put them in the field. Those who survive this conflict will receive full advancement."

Corporal Myers nodded curtly, then turned to the next soldier in line.

Bryce introduced Cadets Adam McIntyre, Nathan Thompson, and Jack Rogers as well as Second Lieutenant Roland Clary.

In return, Corporal Myers introduced the small group of men who were with him. After briefly meeting Stephen Lawrence, Richard Duke, Merill Donovan, and Lance Davidson, Bryce gave his own curt nod.

"This place isn't going to be safe for very long," Myers said as the rumble of mortar blasts and gunfire could be heard from outside. "Is there anywhere else we can make plans?"

"Safest place around is Network 23, sir." Bryce replied. "But it's on the other side of town five miles away. Getting there's gonna be hell, sir."

Bryce took a map of the city from his rucksack and laid it out on the table beside the radio.

"This," he said, "is where where are right now. And over here," he moved his finger to a point east of their position, "is the location of what is left of Network 23. It's just as beaten up as the rest of the city, but the remaining structure is more fortified than the rest. I've also got a few mates at Network 23 who might be able to help out."

"You have mates at Twenty Three?"

"I used to work there, sir," Bryce explained. "I was their head of Research and Development."

Corporal Myers considered Bryce's suggestion of Network 23 as a base of operations. Finally he stopped looking at the map and looked at Bryce. "What do you recommend as our safest route?"

Bryce pointed at the streets between Zik Zak Know Chow and Network 23. "The fastest route is along the Thames. However, there is heavy gunfire there, so we're likely to use up ammo fast. If we take the Charing Cross Street route, here." He pointed to another set of streets. "It'll take us an additional seven minutes. But we'll hit less combat en route and that will give us ammo for later."

"We're going to need more ammo and artillery at some point," Roland told Bryce. "Even with ammo saving options in effect, it won't last forever."

"If we can get to Network 23, we might be able to use their system to find out intelligence on any new enemy munitions dumps." Bryce pointed out. "We should plan the strategic takeover of one if they do exist."

Corporal Myers stood up. "I am going to go over this plan with my men."

"Understood, sir." Bryce agreed. "No disrespect sir, but I must insist that you take five minutes or less."

"I understand the essence of time in this situation, Second Lieutenant Lynch." Myers replied. "However, it is equally important that everyone here knows what is to be done and what is expected of them. Is that clear?"

"As clear as crystal, sir."


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