"Are you sure?" Theora asked as Dr. Duncan typed a few notes into the Network 23 medical files."

"Absolutely," the doctor replied. "You are without a doubt two months pregnant."

Theora thought back to when she had met Faer. The day had been fun. The night had been quite romantic. She hadn't considered the possibility of her being pregnant.

"I'd like you to run a paternity test" Theora said, concernedly. "There are two possibilities and I want to know who the father is."

"Of course," the doctor said, understandingly. Preparing a syringe, he swabbed a section of her abdomen. "Twenty years ago," he said as he pushed the hair-thin needle into her, "tests like this one often threatened the life of the fetus. But today, with the needle being much thinner and less fluid being drawn, there is no danger to the baby or mother."

Extracting a small fluid sample, Dr. Duncan placed it onto a slide which he inserted into the medical computer.

"If there is a DNA match in our database, we should know in the next five minutes."

"Once we get the results back, do you want to call the father in, in case he might have any questions for me? Or do you want to discuss it with him on your own first?"

"I think I'd rather talk to whoever it is alone first," Theora replied.

A soft tone from the computer alerted the doctor that there was a match. He looked at the screen, then at Theora. His expression darkened.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "Who's the father?"

Dr. Duncan took a deep breath, then answered.

"Bryce Lynch."

Theora reached into her coat pocket and drew out the scrap of paper that had been there since she found it on her pillow.


Now she understood why Faer knew Bryce's door code. Now she knew why they had gotten along so well, even though they had apparently only just met.

"Oh my God."

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