Theora was about to leave her window and return to bed. As she was about to turn away, the next flash of lightning illuminated a solitary human shape just a few feet down the road.

The figure was walking towards her apartment. Stopping near a storm drain, he pulled something from his pocket. Grinding whatever it was under foot, he kicked it down the drain, then continued walking towards Theora's place.

As he drew nearer, Theora recognized his features. She had seen them in near darkness before.

"Bryce," she said. There was no reason for pseudonyms now. She knew who he was. She opened the door, despite the cold, and ran to him in her slippers and a nightgown.

Lance Corporal Bryce Lynch drew Theora into his arms, carrying her back inside and kicking the door closed behind them.

"Isn't this going to mess up the time-space continuum or something?" Theora asked.

"I doubt it," L.C. Bryce admitted. "The time-space continuum is as big as the multiverse or universe. Whichever you prefer. I doubt that a relatively tiny paradox is going to do much damage. It might make a few scientists go cross-eyed, but that's about it."

"I thought having two of the same person in the same time period was supposed to wipe out all matter in the universe or something like that."

"Don't be silly, Theora," L.C. Bryce chuckled. "We shed thousands of cells from our bodies every day. The matter that makes up our insides also dies and is replaced. We are entirely different beings every year. I am a wholly new Bryce Lynch from the teenager who is native to this time period."

"So, what do we do now, then?" Theora asked.

"Well, given that I've traveled in time to be a proper father to my child, do you really expect me to do this thing only half way?"

"Bryce, what are you saying?"

"I'm not saying anything, Theora," L.C. Bryce replied. "I'm asking you to marry me."

Theora smiled. "Yes, Bryce," she replied.

L.C. Bryce took the Time Ring from his finger. "What's your ring size?"

"Seven," Theora replied. "Why?"

Tapping the Time Ring, L.C. Bryce selected the size adjustment option. Then he slid the newly resized Time Ring onto Theora's left ring finger.

"It's beautiful," Theora told him. "I've never seen another ring like it."

"And you never will," L.C. Bryce told her. "Always safeguard it, no matter what. And remember, it only goes to the most trustworthy of our descendants."

"Why? What is it?"

"It is a time machine," L.C. Bryce whispered in her ear. "It's turned off for now. And I've locked the controls to make sure it's not accidentally activated. "

"So, who do you want to be Best Man at our wedding?" Theora asked him.

Bryce thought about it for a moment, then a wicked grin broke out over his face.

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