-Chapter 5-

Dr. Cairns looked over the notes that had been added to the case file on Bryce Lynch later that morning, then went to find him.

He was in the cafeteria, sitting with an old woman. The doctor knew the woman, Mrs. Quentin, was a friendly sort, suffering from severe Alzheimer's.

Mrs. Quentin would've been in a nursing facility, except for the fact that the nearest one that was properly equipped for the treatment she needed was so far away that her family would not be able to visit her as much due to the rising costs of petrol.

"Good morning," Dr. Cairns said, to Mrs. Quentin. "I see you have a guest."

"Yes," Mrs. Quentin smiled. "This is little Trace. He's such a good boy. He was just telling me all about the little stuffed animal he lost. Poor dear."

'So,' Dr. Cairns thought to herself, 'the new personality is still in control.'

"I heard you lost your stuffed snow leopard," Dr. Cairns said to 'Trace' in a friendly tone.

"Yeah," 'Trace' replied. "But the nice nurse last night said she'd try to find her for me."

"That was very thoughtful of her," Dr. Cairns said. "Let's go talk in my office. There's some things I want to ask you about."

"'kay," 'Trace' agreed, smiling and nodding goodbye to Mrs. Quentin, who waved to him as he walked away.

When they were seated in Dr. Cairn's office, 'Trace' asked. "How come I'm here?"

"Do you know what a jigsaw puzzle is?"

"Yeah," 'Trace' replied, confusion in his voice.

"Well, right now you're like a puzzle. But some of the pieces are missing. We're going to help you find those missing pieces."

"Oh. Okay."

Dr. Cairns considered a moment, then asked. "Can you draw?"

"Not really well," 'Trace' admitted. "Funny isn't it? My name's Trace, and I'm a terrible artist."

"Yeah, it is kind of funny," Dr. Cairns smiled at him. "Your stuffed leopard."

"Jen-Jen?" 'Trace' asked.

"Where did she come from?"

"My mom gave her to me when I was very little," 'Trace' explained.

"What's your mother's name?"

"Theo," 'Trace' answered. "Theo Lauren Carter."

Dr. Cairns wrote the name down in the file. She was aware that Bryce had worked for Network 23 up until the tragedy, and that a woman named Theora Jones was on a team he worked rather closely with, along with Edison Carter.

"Is she pretty?"

'Trace' nodded. "Yes. She's super pretty. I bet she's worried about me. Can I call her later to let her know I'm okay?"

"I don't think that's a good idea," Dr. Cairns said, worriedly. "Perhaps it would be better if she came here to visit you instead? Then she could maybe give you a hug?"

'Trace' smiled at this idea.

"Very good," Dr. Cairns said. "After we finish here, I'll call your mom and tell her you want to see her."

"Can you ask her to bring Jen-Jen?" 'Trace' requested. "I bet I just left her at home."

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