Chapter 6:

"It was you, wasn't it?" Jenny said as soon as Blank Bryce walked into the warehouse. "Don't even think of lying to me. I know you sabotaged the Matinee."

Blank Bryce didn't even answer. She simply walked into her bedroom area and flopped down on the mattress.

Jenny followed her in. "Listen to me," she said angrily. "What were you thinking? Do you know what would've happened had you been caught?" She drew a line across her forehead.

"You think they'd get a little more creative than turning everyone into lobots," Blank Bryce remarked.

"They're government," Jenny snapped. "They don't know how to be creative. Now wash up for lunch."

"I'm not hungry," Blank Bryce told her. "Seeing Our Glorious Leader always makes me wanna puke. You know, I think he looked better with the horns."

"Just don't go around saying that in public," Jenny warned. "You don't know who might turn you in for dissention."

There was a knock on the door.

"Wait here," Jenny told her as she went to see who it was.

Blank Richard stood at the door, holding a single wood rose in his hand. "Is Blank Bryce here?"

Jenny eyed the flower suspiciously. "Who may I ask is calling?"

Blank Bryce hurried into the room. "Richard!"

"You know this man?" Jenny asked her.

"Yeah," Jenny admitted. "He lives over by Network 23."

"You went to Network 23," Jenny realized. "To your father's studio. Bryce, if you get caught there…"

"I know… I know…" Blank Bryce moved her finger across her forehead. "But don't you see? It doesn't matter. We may have intact brains. But we aren't allowed to use them. So we might as well be lobotomized."

"Don't say that," Blank Richard told her, handing her the flower. "Nothing lasts forever. This government will eventually fade as all others have. We just have to ride it out. And hope for something better to follow."

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