Max Headroom - Cat 9 : Pilot Episode - Plague 2005





We see several men and women, doctors and scientists, in various locations throughout the room. Some are working at individual DESKS, others are working as a team surrounding a small table which is covered with a number of Petri dishes and other items used for working with microscopic biological samples. JENNY, EDISON, and THEORA are also present.

JENNY (hands DR. RAMIREZ a sample of DNA taken from BRYCE's body)

DR. RAMIREZ: Amazing. Absolutely amazing. This guy's kids are going to be super smart. If we pair this up just right. Who'd you say you wanted to match it up with?

THEORA: The three of us.

DR. RAMIREZ: Carter included? Funny. Two weeks ago you wanted to shut us down.

EDISON: Two weeks ago I was investigating the disappearance of a test tube baby from this facility. I understand you've improved your security and parental and family identification systems since then.

DR. FOSTER: Indeed, we have. Thanks to you calling our attention to the problem.

EDISON: Is it really possible to mix Bryce's DNA with mine?

DR. RAMIREZ: A gene-splice is not as simple as a standard blending, but it is still possible.

MRS. STANDISH: Of course, given your history and that of the late Mr. Lynch, I'd dare say that this child is going to be quite a troublemaker.

DR. RAMIREZ goes over to a cabinet and returns with three PACKAGED QTIPS and three GLASS TUBES with rubber stoppers.

DR. RAMIREZ (hands the QTIPS and TUBES to EDISON, THEORA, and JENNY): I need a swab from each of you from the inside of your mouth along the interior of the cheek.

EDISON, JENNY, and THEORA all provide the requested SAMPLES.

DR. RAMIREZ: Thank you.

DR. RAMIREZ hands one sample to DR. FOSTER and another to MRS. STANDISH. All three of them take a portion of BRYCE's DNA and begin the process of creating two children with each of the three combinations.



MURRAY is at his desk going over the scheduled reports for that evening's broadcast when CHEVIOT calls him on his VU-PHONE

CHEVIOT (on screen): Murray, is Carter available?

MURRAY: He went to Ovu-Vat with Theora and our new research department head. Apparently, they wanted to create a few children from Bryce's DNA.

CHEVIOT (on screen): What about the plague infection?

MURRAY: Apparently being in cryo stasis wiped out the remaining plague. Unfortunately not soon enough to save Bryce.

CHEVIOT (on screen): It'll be interesting to see how the kids turn out. I want Carter to do a feature on our new politician

MURRAY: You fired Peller, then?


CHEVIOT: I had to. I couldn't let him get away with causing Bryce's death.

MURRAY (on screen): So, who's the new guy?

CHEVIOT: Gloria Mitchell. She's very popular with the Blanks and the people who live down by the river. Apparently she's done a lot of work regarding Blank rights in the past.

MURRAY: Good choice. Especially after the fiasco we had with Peller arresting all those Blanks for no reason.

CHEVIOT: That was one of my main reasons for selecting her. Tell Carter to call me when he gets in. And congratulate the three of them for me.

MURRAY: I will, sir.



EDISON, THEORA, and JENNY are sitting there awaiting the results of the in vitro fertiliziation

MRS. STANDISH (walks in, smiling): Congratulations, Miss Wilcox. Mr. Carter. Miss Jones. All of the samples are starting to grow and have been placed in their respective gro-bags.

THEORA and JENNY exchange a hug. EDISON joins in a moment later.

EDISON (into his vidicam): Murray? Did you hear?

MURRAY: Yes. And Cheviot also extends his congratulations. He also wants you to cover the story about the firing of Simon Peller and the hiring of Gloria Mitchell.

EDISON: I'll get on first thing in the morning. Tonight, I think the ladies and I are going to celebrate. Why don't you join us?

MURRAY: Where are you going?

THEORA: Probably to the restaurant where Shawn works.

MURRAY: I'll see you there, then? When?

THEORA: Half an hour?

MURRAY: Right. See you then.

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