Chapter 4: Good Comfort

As they walked into Edison's apartment, Edison turned to Bryce. "The sofa is quite comfortable. And if you get hungry there's a burger in the fridge that you can nuke."

"Thanks," Bryce replied. "I don't think I can eat anything right now. Not after…"

"I understand," Edison told him. "Well, it's getting late. So I'm going to bed. I'll see you in the morning."

Bryce curled up on the sofa. He tossed and turned for a bit. Finally he moved to the bed, cuddling up to Edison and letting out a sigh of contentment.

Edison woke and shook Bryce.

"Sleepy," Bryce yawned.

"Fine, I'll sleep on the sofa," Edison said.

"Stay," Bryce whimpered. "Scared."

"Okay, I'll stay until you fall asleep, but I'm not sleeping with you all night."

"Why not?"

"It would be inappropriate," Edison explained.

Bryce frowned in confusion. "Why?"

Edison shook his head amusedly. "Never mind. Just get some sleep."

Bryce snuggled closer and soon drifted off to sleep. Edison tried to move to the sofa after several minutes. Unfortunately, Bryce turned out to be a very light sleeper. So Edison had no choice but to spend the rest of the night holding the young genius until the sun had come up and he was finally able to fall asleep himself.

An hour later, he was awakened by his vu-phone going off.

"Edison," Theora said. "What the hell are you doing?"

Edison realized that his arms were around Bryce who had moved even closer. He understood how it might look to anyone who didn't know them. But Theora should've known him better.

"Oh, come on, Theora."

"You yelled at me for spending the night with my boyfriend."

"Bryce is not my boyfriend," Edison pointed out. "He was scared. I tried to move away after he fell asleep, but he is a light sleeper."

"Huh?" Bryce asked.

"Theora was just wondering why I woke up apparently cuddling you."

"Oh," Bryce looked over at the vu-phone screen. "I was too scared to sleep on the sofa."

"I see," Theora said. She smiled. "I was just playing with you, Edison. I know you'd never take advantage of Bryce."

"What about all those times he guilt-tripped me into helping you guys? I mean that whole thing with the car park barrier arm happened only once."

"She meant something different," Edison told Bryce.

"Oh," Bryce said, frowning slightly. "Is this another one of those things that you're not going to talk about in front of me?"

"Yes," Theora said.

"Fine," Bryce sighed, giving up. "Just so I know where I stand."

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