-Chapter 02: Discovering The Virgin-

Edison watched silently until one of the circle looked up at him.

"Edison Carter," he said, clearly not at all upset by Edison's presence. "Please, join our circle."

Edison was rather surprised by the invitation, but sat between the man who'd invited him and the woman who was clearly their leader.

The service went on for another several minutes. Edison listened carefully. He didn't join in the statements, but none of the others seemed to mind. Apparently they didn't expect visitors to just jump in and immediately start worshipping whatever deity they worshipped.

Words and phrases ran through his mind as he headed back to Network 23. New words that he was sure the sect had made up, and phrases whose familiarity sent a shiver up his spine:

Cyber-virgin. (Edison had the feeling this had not been a reference to 12:00 flashers as computer-illiterate people were often called.)

Holiest of cyberpunks. (This was the one that raised his eyebrows almost off his skull.)

Mother of the cyber-messiah. (Why was this resonating like a familiar chord in his mind. And just who was the cyber-messiah?)

That was something he would have to discover before he did any further research on this unusual, but clearly non-threatening sect.

Once the other members had departed, Edison approached the leader.

"That was a very interesting service," he told her.

"Thank you, Mr. Carter," the leader bowed slightly. "I must say, it's an honor to have the father of the cyber-messiah grace us with his presence."

Edison blinked. "Just who is the cyber-messiah?" he asked. But something in his mind was telling him he already knew the answer to this one.

"Max Headroom, of course," the woman told him.

"So, you're the leader of a sect that worships Max Headroom?"

The woman shook her head. "No," she corrected him. "We worship his mother."

"His… mother?" Edison blinked, wondering who she was referring to. Then it hit him and his eyebrows went up even further in a look of rare surprise. "You mean Bryce Lynch?"

"Yes," the woman confirmed.

"Figures," Murray said over Theora's shoulder back at Control.

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