The next four days were, in her opinion, the longest of Bryce's life. She hated being a girl. Simply hated it. The cramps, the moodiness. How could they stand it? And she had been told that she would have to endure this every month until she was at least in her forties. Or until she started having babies. And considering how gross it was to make one, there was no way in hell she was ever going to do that!

"You seem to be feeling better," Theora noted. "You want to go shopping?"

"How am I meant to do that?" Bryce asked. "The minute Zik Zak sees me…"

Theora handed her a black-haired wig and sunglasses.

"Won't they recognize you?" Bryce inquired.

"Me they would, yes," Theora admitted. "But not Winnie. I talked to her the other day while you were resting. She said she'd be happy to take you shopping."

"Funny how I wasn't part of that conversation."

"You were, actually," Theora told her. "I won't repeat what you said."

The vu-phone rang.

"Hi, Jenny," Theora said.

"How's Bryce doing?" Jenny asked. "She still on the rag?"

"Apparently not," Theora replied. "Bryce, Jenny's on the line."

Bryce smiled as she sat down in front of the vu-phone. "Hi, Jen."

"Hey, you want to come shopping with me and Serena?" Jenny invited.

"Actually, Theora's sister-in-law was-"

Jenny cut him off with an airy wave of her hand. "What do old ladies like that know about fashion?" she asked. "We'll be over in five minutes."

Bryce looked helplessly at Theora.

"I'll tell Winnie," Theora smiled. "You go ahead and hang out with your friends."

True to her word, Jenny was at Theora's apartment five minutes later. With her was a red-haired girl with a light dusting of freckles across her nose. What Bryce had not expected was the boy who was also with them.

"Bryce, you remember Serena's brother Kenneth," Jenny introduced them.

"No way!" Kenneth gasped. "It can't be Bryce Lynch! I mean… wow! I thought they were kidding when they said… Wow!"

"Yeah, yeah," Bryce rolled her eyes. "Can we get going?"

Jenny nodded. "We'll be back before sundown."

"Bryce… wig," Theora said.

"She won't need it," Jenny said. "We're not shopping at Zik Zak. Network 66 has an exclusive contract with Zlin now. I have an affiliate discount card."

Theora smiled and watched as they piled into Kenneth's car and headed off toward the city's shopping mecca.

Kenneth dropped the three girls off then went to find a parking place. While he was off doing that, Jenny took Bryce into the lingerie shop.

"I told Theora and now I'm telling you, no bras." Bryce complained.

"Nothing else will fit you right unless you get one," Jenny explained. "Look, if you want we'll get you a sports bra for everyday wear. Then you'll only have to wear the girlie bra if you go out on a date or some place fancy."

"Fine," Bryce grumbled.

"Can I help you two young women," a saleswoman asked.

"She's never worn a bra before," Jenny explained. "Late bloomer. Up to now she's been able to get away with just undershirts, but we want to get her a new wardrobe, and she's going to need something a little less tomboyish."

"You'll need to be measured," the saleswoman said. "Wait here, I'll get my tape."

She returned a few minutes later with the measuring tape and carefully measured Bryce.

"26B," she said. "You can wear a sports bra for some things. However for v-necked and low cut shirts and dresses you'll want something with a dip to the middle."

Bryce took the bras into the fitting room.

"How the hell do you get this stupid thing on?" drifted out two minutes later.

Jenny joined her and showed her how to put the bra on.

"Don't feel too embarrassed about it," Jenny remarked "When you're raised a boy, you're usually taught how to take bras off, not put them on."

"Well I never got taught anything like that," Bryce told her.

"Edison never gave you any pointers?" Jenny asked.

"No, why would he?" Bryce asked, a confused look on her face as she tried on the bra.

"Never mind," Jenny said. "How does that feel?"

"Surprisingly comfortable," Bryce admitted.

"So we'll get that one and two sports bras," Jenny told her. "Once they're paid for you can go into the bathroom and put that one on so we can continue our shopping."

"We were wondering where you two took off to," Mark said when Jenny and Bryce met up with him and Serena a fifteen minutes later.

In place of t-shirt and slacks she'd been wearing, Bryce was now wearing black glove-leather mini-skirt with red fishnet stockings and a off-shoulder lavender and cornflower blue silk top.

It was therefore no surprise that Mark was practically drooling at the sight of her.

"Hey," he told her. "If you're not busy later tonight, we can grab something to eat somewhere."

Serena swatted him. "We're all going to dinner together." she reminded him.

"Right," Mark slapped his forehead. "Well, maybe later this week then?"

"Let me think about it," Bryce told him.

"That's not a no," Mark grinned.

"Not a yes either," Bryce muttered.

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