Chapter 13: Accepting Her Good Fate

"How did your date go?" Theora asked.

Bryce smiled as she sat next to her friend and mentor. "It was nice. Jake has a little brother and a little sister. They're such darlings. And his mother is a good woman. I really like them all."

"Will you be seeing Jake again?"

"Rather frequently it seems," Bryce told her. "He and I are to be married next weekend."

"What?" Theora said, leaping to her feet. "You can't be serious! If he…"

"Oh, he didn't rush me into this," Bryce explained. "It was Cheviot's idea. He says we'll be a good couple if we give each other a chance. And given how kind and patient Jake is, I think he might just have something there. Not to mention little Abby is really excited about the prospect of being Max Headroom's aunt."

"I'm get-get-getting an aunt?" Max laughed from the TV. "Great! When?"

"In a few days, Max," Bryce told him. "Jake says I don't have to, but I really really want to."

Theora brought Bryce out to buy a wedding gown. Bryce selected a wine-brown dress and a pair of flat shoes to go with it.

The wedding two days later was a simple affair which took place at the View Age Church.

Edison, Theora and Max stood as witnesses and Murray stood in as father of the bride.

There was no reception scheduled as everyone figured Bryce would be too tired in her condition. So they went to the Fresh Start and had a bite to eat instead.

"You think she'll be okay?" Theora asked Edison as they waved goodbye to Bryce and Jake after dinner was over and the couple had decided to head off on their weekend honeymoon.

"She'll be fine." Edison replied.

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