-Chapter Four : After School -

Murray checked the clock in the Control Room at Network 23 later that day. It read three o'clock.

"I have to run," he told Theora. She, like Edison Carter, still worked at the network; the What I Want to Know show now in it's seventh year. "I have to be at the school to pick up Bryce Jr in half an hour."

"I'm sure Edison and I can hold down the fort while you're gone," Theora told him as he walked out.

"Where'd Murray go?" Edison asked when he returned ten minutes later.

"Don't you remember? It's Bryce Jr's first day at primary school."

"Oh, that's right," Edison said, snapping his fingers. "I'd forgotten."

"Good thing you don't have custody, then," Theora said.

"I think I'd remember if I did," Edison shrugged. "How do you think she did?"

"Ask her," Theora told him. "I bet she's all excited to talk about it."

Bryce Lynch Jr was indeed excited about her day. As soon as she was buckled into and Murray was driving, she began to talk.

"Miss Primly's my Literacy teacher. She's really nice."

"Which subject did you learn today?" Murray asked her.

"Speaking. She said speaking clearly is very important."

"It is," Murray agreed, though he didn't go into why. "What other classes did you have?"

"Math. There's this boy in class who's really funny."

"Oh, what's his name?"

"Cole," Bryce Jr said. "I like him."

"Well, I'm glad you made a friend," Murray told her. "That's very important."

"Can Cole come over some day?"

"Maybe he can visit on the weekend if his parents say it's okay." Murray told her. "Is he the only friend you made today?"

"Well, I met this girl Sharon. But she wasn't nice. She said she's better than me and Cole and people like us."

"Well, she's not," Murray told her. "Just because someone has a lot of credits, or lives in a fancy-looking place doesn't make them better."

"It just make them snooty, right?"

"Where'd you hear that word?" Murray wondered aloud.

"From Aunty Theora." Bryce Jr replied. "Is it a bad word?"

"No," Murray told her. "It's just not used by kids your age very often. Then again, I have to remember who your parents were."

"Are we going to Network 23?"

"Yes. Until five. Then I'm taking you to dinner like I promised."

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