In The Name of Lynch


Jenny Wilcox sat at the main computer in Network 23's Research & Development department. Looking up from the project she was working on, she saw the snow drifting down outside the narrow window that let in the room's only external lighting. The sky, at near midnight, was as white as the thin blanket of early November snow that covered the street thirteen stories down.

It had been just over a year since Network 23 had lost Bryce Lynch to a virulent plague that had started in the Fringes. A plague which Bryce could've easily avoided if the truth about it had been told from the beginning by Network 23's former pet politician, Simon Peller.

It had also been about five weeks since the birth of her and Bryce's daughter, Janine. A daughter whom Jenny loved quite dearly.

The child had been created at Ovu-Vat, the genetics lab where the Gro-Bags facility was located.

Ovu-Vat had been originally started as a fertility clinic. But an idea that they owed their clients the best babies they could arrange quickly transformed them into a genetics facility which could go as far as making sure that a baby would be both smart and good looking.

Janine was not perfect, Jenny had requested that she not be a cookie-cutter kid. The IQ predictor indicated that she would be at least as smart as her father. But Jenny would not permit them to introduce the genetic codes that would regulate her emotional state.

It was a decision that Jenny sometimes regretted when little Janine wailed at the top of her lungs for a feeding or a changing in the wee hours of the morning.

Another decision Jenny was regretting was the one to give little Janine up for adoption. She had the funds and means to care for the child. But for the past week, Network 66 had been making serious threats, trying to lay claim to the child.

It was their contention that since Jenny had broken her contract with them prematurely, that they had the rights to all her assets, including her baby.

Jenny knew that the truth was that her former boss, Ned Grossberg. wanted to get a hold of the baby in order to re-launch his baby genius TV program. She knew he wanted custody of Janine so that he wouldn't have to pay her a salary on behalf of the infant.

She had decided not to meet the parents, not wishing to know anything about them, lest Grossberg try to force their location out of her one day.

It was this reason that she was up past midnight, watching her baby sleep for what was to be the last time.

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