In The Name of Lynch

-Chapter 11: Kitchen Conversation

The kitchen was much different than Ai Murray was accustomed to. Growing up and now living in a modern city with its current conveniences, she had never seen one that was so unique to her mind.

The dishes were lined up against the wall on the top two shelves of an old fashioned crockery dresser while on the bottom shelf there sat a pretty little set consisting of a bowl with a sugar and creamer set

"That's nice," Ai complimented as she passed it. "Looks like an antique."

"It was my great grandmother's," Sadie told her, cheerfully. "Aynsley Pembroke. It was given to her by her mother-in-law on her wedding day."

"I'll be extra careful around it, then," Ai promised.

"Not to worry, dear. Your brother already broke it a couple of times. I think he was about five the first time." Sadie smiled at the thought. "I had it mended at a little antique's shop. It's only valuable to me these days because of family history. Now, be a dear a fetch a few logs from the bin. We've got to get the fire going in the old stove."

Ai grabbed an armful of logs while Sadie opened up the old Jotul stove.

"Wouldn't it be easier to just have an electric stove?" Ai asked, placing the logs into the stove. "Not to offend, but..."

"It would be easier," Sadie admitted as she arranged the logs and lit them. "But it doesn't taste quite the same as you'll find out soon enough."

Sadie closed the old Jotul and stood up with a smile. "Now while that's warming up, I'll show you how we country folk cut up the vegetables and then I'll get started on the broth. I was going to have just leftovers with Olly tonight, so I'm afraid I haven't taken any new meat out of the freezer. But we can make a nice stew out of what's there and a few nice vegetables."

"That sounds delicious," Ai told her.

Sadie chopped a few different vegetables, giving Ai a small lecture on why it was important to chop this one along its grain or that one against it. Then, when Ai had got the hang of it, she began to mix together a simple broth.

By the time Ai had finished chopping, the delicate scent of the broth filled the kitchen with the aroma of the herbs and stock.

The door opened and Oliver walked in followed by Jack.

"All's well, Aunt Sadie," Oliver smiled.

"Wash your hands and set the table, you two," Sadie ordered. Turning to Ai she smiled at the carrots, wax beans, peppers that had been prepared. "Nicely done, dear. Now let's get these into the stew and then we can sit and talk while it cooks a bit. You boys can join us once the table's set."

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