In The Name of Lynch

-A Long Overdue Phone Call-

Trace Lynch got home from her job at the local computer repair shop that had once been the home of The Daily Mail and hung up her coat. It was cold in Kensington that early evening and she was shivering slightly despite the wool coat she'd been wearing.

"I think it might snow tonight, Bryce," she told her cat as she stroked the animal's fur.

This Bryce was a small female black angora cat, barely larger than the average kitten. She had a few toys that she loved to scatter around the room, jumping from one to another as took her fancy.

Trace smiled as the cat purred and gave a little meow in agreement.

After taking care of the cat's needs, Trace made herself a sandwich and was about to sit down when she heard her vu-phone tone. She went to answer it, leaving her roast beef sandwich on the table.

Seeing a golden opportunity Bryce the cat jumped up and swiped half of the sandwich, casting aside the bread and gobbling up the meat.

On the vu-phone screen, the Bryce who was not a cat was smiling cheerfully at his sister.

"Been a while. Hasn't it?"

"Bryce Lynch!" Trace exclaimed. "How dare you be alive and not call me for nearly thirty years!"

"I have an excuse for most of it," Bryce told her. "I was in a cryotube. In case you didn't notice that I am about twenty five years younger than you in appearance."

"I had noticed. Well, I forgive you for that part of it. So what's the occasion?"

"First off, are mom and dad still around?"

"Them and most of the rest of the family," Trace replied. "Luke and Andrea died about ten years ago."

"How?" Bryce asked. They hadn't been much older than he was.

"It was during an accident at a Scumball game. That was the one that caused the game to be abolished."

"I was so busy with all the stuff I'm doing right now that I honestly didn't even realize it wasn't being played anymore." Bryce admitted.

"What the hell have you been up to that you didn't notice the lack of Scumball games?" Trace asked.

"I'll tell you when you get here," Bryce said. His voice turning urgent he added, "You have to gather the rest of the family and bring them to Tasmania as quickly as you can!"

"Bryce I can't just..."

"The ratings war is about to get violent," Bryce interrupted his twin. "It's going to be very dangerous in your area in as little a time as two weeks. I want you all away from there before then. I'm at Eccleston Dairy Farm in Waddamana."'

"Farm, Bryce Lynch?" Trace asked, surprised. "Hmph. I never thought I hear those three words in one sentence. Okay, I'll call the rest of the family. I suppose we can be there by the weekend."

"That's great," Bryce told her. "I'll see you then. We can catch up on things when you get here." He was turning to say something to someone off screen when he heard his sister yell "Bryce! You little jerk!" in an amused tone.

"What did I do?"

"Not you. The cat. She stole half my sandwich."

"You named your cat after me?"

"I missed you." Trace explained. "Okay, I'll see this weekend if all goes well."

"I look forward to it," Bryce told her as he disconnected the call.

Trace picked up the discarded bread and tossed it in the trash.

"Well, Bryce. I hope you liked that half," she told her cat with a smile as she picked up the untouched half. "Because you're not getting this one."

Sneakily, Bryce the cat stood on her hind legs and gave a little tug of the meat that was sticking out the bottom of the sandwich and began to eat it as Trace went to eat the sandwich.

Trace took her bite tasted only bread. Looking at it and finding it empty, she looked down and saw her cat eating the meat. "Bryce! Hey, look. I need to eat, too!"

The cat looked up for a moment, then went back to eating the rest of the roast beef from the sandwich.

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