In The Name of Lynch

-Family Connection-

After she got off the phone with her twin brother and tossed out the empty sandwich, Trace Lynch packed her suitcase. She was finally to be reunited with her brother, Bryce. It was something she had given up on over twenty years ago just after he'd started working at Network 23.

Her vu-phone rang again and she hit the connect button. The face of an woman in her early eighties appeared on the screen.

"You didn't call at your usual time, I was worried."

"Sorry, mum," Trace apologized. "I was talking with Bryce."

"Honestly, you and that cat."

"The other Bryce," Trace explained.

"Your brother called?" Marian Lynch asked, rather surprised.

"He's been in cryo the last quarter century." Trace told her. "Still looks like a bloody teenager."

"Really! Do you have to swear? Wherever do you get all that from?"

"You'd swear, too, if you saw him. And get this, he's in bleedin' Tassie."

"What the hell is he doing in Tasmania?" a male voice asked from off screen.

"And that's where I get it from," Trace said with a laugh.

Her father appeared on screen. "What'd Bryce wanted?"

"He sounded urgent. Said he wants the family to meet him in Tasmania. He said he'd explain all the details when we arrived. So, what's the verdict? Do we go?"

"Definitely," her parents replied in unison.

Once they had hung up their end of the vu-phone Marian and Robin Lynch went to their respective dressers and began to pack. As they were filling their suitcases, Robin found a little photograph he had taken of the twins long ago. It had been the Christmas following their third birthday. In it, Trace was bopping Bryce on the head with her new doll. Smiling, he packed the photo. It was, after all, a father's duty to playfully embarrass his son.

Of course his son had just the right ammunition to get him back. The fact that he and his wife just happened to share the same name as England's best known outlaw and his lady-love had not been missed by anyone. And they'd always enjoyed some good-natured ribbing about it at work. Especially when they'd announced their engagement. When they'd announced they were expecting twins, one coworker had even suggested calling them Will and Scarlet, just to keep the theme going. Of course Marian had said no and had named them Bryce and Trace instead.

Calling Trace back for a moment, Robin got the number of the vu-phone at Eccleston Dairy Farm. Then, after thanking her and disconnecting, he dialed the number.

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