Hobart International Arrivals

By ElegantButler

In The Name of Lynch

-Hobart International Arrivals-

Hobart International Airport was teeming with tourists and returning locals when Trace Lynch stepped off the plane along with her brother Richard who had brought along his twin sons, Eric and Todd, and her mother and father Marian and Robin.

Some wise guy who been sitting across the aisle from them on the plane called to them "Long live King Richard!"

Richard rolled his eyes while Eric and Todd attempted to impersonate trumpet fanfare only to burst out laughing at the end of the first high note.

Eric and Todd Lynch had been mischief-makers ever since they were old enough to have an allowance and had accidentally wandered into the Zik Zak Know Joke shop by accident. They'd meant to go into the similarly named record shop called Zik Zak Know Juke. They had realized their mistake at once. But as soon as they had seen their first novelty item, a plastic ice cube with a realistic and long fake finger sticking out, they were hooked. Finding out that it was a floating straw ('GROSS OUT YOUR FRIENDS!' the packing read out proudly), the twins decided to buy it instead of the new Stinkweeds record they'd planned to buy.

"Okay, you two princes. Anymore from you and it'll be straight to the dungeons."

"Dairy farms don't have dungeons," Todd laughed.

"Dairy farm?" the wise guy raised an eyebrow. "Not Eccleston Farms by any chance?"

"Indeed," Richard replied. "Richard Lynch. My brother Bryce arranged this gathering."

He offered his hand, politely, with a grin.

"Never met him," the other guy shrugged and shook Richard's hand. "Magnus Ballantyne. I'm here with my sister Mariel."

"She the woman who got on the plane with you and then sat ten rows back?"

"Yep. Can you blame her? You heard the way I snore."

"And so did I," Mariel said as she joined them, pulling two long-handled suitcases behind her, each topped with a smaller suitcase. She peered closely at her brother. "Hm. Seems intact. I was thinking your arms might've come off on the plane."

"Todd, Eric, help your aunt Trace and your grandparents get their luggage. I'm going to give the Ballantynes a hand."

"You don't have to do that," Mariel told him.

"No, but I think that helping someone out is a great way to get to know someone and maybe even make a friend."

"That is definitely a philosophy I can agree with," Magnus smiled. He took one pull-handle while Richard took the other.

Relieved to no longer have to hold them, Mariel picked up the two small suitcases.

"Mariel," Magnus introduced, "King Richard."

"Richard Lynch actually," Richard laughed. "I'd shake hands, but..."

"Richie!" a woman called.

Richard Lynch turned and smiled. "Pamela Lynch," he said. "So you're here on this little adventure, too?"

"Yup. Dad couldn't make it. He says she has to stay working at the hospital if the war that Bryce is talking about happens. So she sent me, and Sharon. Aunt Andrea said she wanted to stay behind Uncle Luke in case anything happened to him."

"Well, this is getting to be a family reunion, isn't it?" A woman with greying blond hair asked.

"Hi, Becky," Richard grinned.

"Eccleston Farm?" a man in a bus driver's cap asked nearby. "Anyone for Eccleston Farm?"

The newly gathered group raised their hands. "Plus two more," Richard said. "Trace, go fetch Mum and Dad. I think they went to the gift shop. Tell them our ride is here."

A short while later, they were all on the bus and heading for Eccleston Farm.

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