In The Name of Lynch

-A Day of Chores Part 1-

Bryce was feeling far better by that afternoon. He joined the rest of the family for chores, spending a bit of time nursing Mattie's calf so she could have a break.

The little calf nudged him happily, as if it somehow knew the important roll Bryce had played at its birth.

Marian watched him from the barn door along with Jenny for several minutes. Then, Bryce, feeling a bit mischievous, decided to try a little ventriloquism.

"Either come in or shut the door, ladies," he said, via the nearest cow. "We don't live in... oh, never mind."

"You can add ventriloquist to the list of things that you are not, Bryce Lynch," Marian told her son. "Your Jenny told me all about the ol' Doctor bit. Time Lord indeed."

"So, you two are talking now? Bryce looked at them with a smile on his face.

"I realized how foolish I was when I almost lost you, son," Marian told Bryce. "Bryce, I am so sorry. Jenny really is a remarkable woman. She risked her life to save you when I was too much of a coward. Of all the people there, I had the greatest reason to save you, and I was the one that just went all panicky."

"You were a mother who was afraid for her son," Jenny said. "There is no shame in that. The fact that not everyone has the ability to be a hero is what makes those who are all the more special to us."

"Bryce," Oliver said as he joined the ladies at the door, "Edison and I could use a hand with the town deliveries. Since you expressed an interest in moving here, why don't you come along. It'll be a great way to meet your future neighbors."

"Alright," Bryce agreed," he motioned to Jenny who took over the task of feeding the calf, then joined Edison and Oliver.

Oliver backed the delivery truck up to the doors of the barn where the refrigeration unit was kept. Then, he got out, opened the doors, and helped Bryce and Edison load the back of it.

Despite his age, Edison was pretty strong, and the three of them quickly filled up the truck with the freshly processed and bottled milk.

Once that was done, the trio got into the front of the truck and headed into town.

While Bryce was in town, Jenny and Marian joined Marlene out in the pasture where she was scattering the afternoon hay.

"We never think of how much work goes into what goes on our plates," Marlene remarked. "All we think about is the end product."

"So true," Marian agreed as she helped with the scattering. "So very true. I'm just glad we're scattering hay and not ashes. That was a real close call last night. I came so close to losing my son."

Marian stopped what she was doing and sat down heavily on a firm bale of hay.

Jenny sat beside her and put an arm around her. "The important thing is that Bryce is all right now. That's all that matters to him and I. Whatever was said is in the past. The only words that matter that you said to him between then and now were when you said you loved him and when you told us you were sorry."

"You are going to make a wonderful daughter-in-law," Marian told her.

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