In The Name of Lynch

-A Day of Chores Part 2-

As Oliver, Bryce, and Edison drove through the residential section into town, they saw that one of the For Sale signs was being covered up with a SOLD marker.

"Looks like someone bought the old Robertson place," Oliver said, also noticing. "I was beginning to think that place would never sell."

"Looks nice enough," Bryce said, "I wonder who bought it,"

"I think I can guess," Edison said. "Little hint, who haven't we seen in a few days?"

"My oldest daughter," Bryce realized. "I thought something wasn't quite right. I wonder why she just took off like that."

"With her husband?" Edison smirked at him. "You'll understand when you get married."

"First stop," Oliver called out to them.

He pulled the truck up to the rear entryway of the town supermarket and put the vehicle in park to keep the refrigeration unit in the back going. Once that was done, he opened the back doors of the truck.

Accompanied by Edison and Bryce, he unloaded ten crates and brought them inside.

"Morning, Ollie," the day manager greeted him cheerful, "New help I see?"

"Just temporary, Wally," Oliver replied. "This is my biological father Bryce Lynch, and his best friend Edison."

"Nice to meet you, Bryce," Wally said, understandably offering a hand to Edison.

"Other way 'round, Walls," Oliver explained.

"But he can't be your dad, Ollie! He's what sixteen? Seventeen at the most?"

"I get that a lot," Bryce told him. "I'm about fifty one or so."

"Nah! You can't be fifty one. You don't even look twenty one."

"Cyrogenics," Bryce explained.

"Well, that explains how. But not why," Wally said, cautiously.

"Because," Bryce explained, returning to his duty of helping to stock the shelves. "I got really sick when I really was sixteen. Whatever it was is gone now, so you needn't concern youself about it. Anyhow..."

Wally was looking at Bryce very closely now.

"You related to a girl who likes to wear her hair all Japanese style?" He asked.

"Yes," Bryce replied. "You've seen her?"

"She and her... husband?"

Bryce nodded in confirmation.

"They bought the old Robertson place," Wally explained. "Came in about an hour ago to buy supplies."

"I'm glad," Bryce admitted.

"That's a great job," Sadie praised as little Charlotte helped her mother Claire to crimp the edges of the apple pie. "That's right. Little pinches all around."

Charlotte smiled as her little fingers made 'little pinches' on the edge of the pie.

Finally, when it was done, Sadie smiled. "Now we pop it in the oven and when it's done we'll put it on the windowsill to cool."

"That smells good," Marlene complimented when she, Marian, and Jenny walked into the kitchen. "Hay's baled, and the outside chores are done. So we came to see what we can work on indoors."

"Set the table," Sadie instructed. "Then you can take an hour break."

"Thank you," Marian said, heading for the cabinet.

"Dear, you can break now," Sadie smiled. "We old folk need an extra hour every now and then. And you've been working hard ever since you came. What did you do for a living?"

Marian smiled. "Middle management."

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