In The Name of Lynch

-A Simple Day of Love-

On Thursday, Theora and Marlene took Jenny into town to find a wedding dress.

After several trips to a few boutiques, Theora suggested trying a consignment shop for laughs. It was there that Jenny finally found the gown she loved. It was a beautiful sleeveless satin and lace gown with a simple veil that matched it rather well.

"Are you sure," Marlene asked.

"Yes," Jenny said, bouncing on her feet, despite her age. She almost seemed as young as Bryce looked at that moment. "Oh, you two had better pick out something as well, as you're my bridesmaids."

"We've got time," Theora reminded her.

"Not any more you don't," Jenny corrected her. "Bryce and I have decided to get married tomorrow."

That sent Marlene and Theora off on a wild search throughout the store, culminating in the discovery of two mint pink dresses, one with a shoulder sash, the other without.

With these things purchased, they returned to the farm and joined the others with the chores.

The day passed as it always does at Eccleston Dairy Farm when there are no deliveries to be made. At nightfall, the only two left awake were Jenny and Bryce.

"I can't wait until tomorrow," Bryce said, sounding a bit like a child who's been told that there will be a carnival in town the next day. "It's going to be so wonderful."

"I'm glad you're happy," Jenny smiled. "I am, too. We'd better get some sleep."

Bryce headed out to the barn where Murray was already asleep while Jenny turned in to the room in the attic where she was sleeping.

Jenny woke the next morning and got into her wedding gown. She took breakfast in her room to stay hidden until the wedding, a move which Bryce respected, though he was anxious to see her.

While Bryce chatted with Edison, who'd agreed to be Best Man, the others put together a simple chapel in the living room as it was a little cold and rain was expected.

Finally, the moment came. There was no music to be played, but a simple open window allowed the sounds of birds to be heard and that was good enough. Rosellas, wrens, thornbills and honeyeaters seemed to know a wedding was going on and were determined to sing for the bride as though she were a fairytale princess.

Jenny smiled at this thought as she quietly made her way down the spiral staircase accompanied by Theora and Marlene. When they got to the bottom of the stairs and could finally be seen, Bryce was so entranced that he nearly fell over in a faint.

"Easy, there," Edison whispered.

"I'm okay," Bryce told Vanna, seeing her concerned look.

When Jenny had reached Bryce's side, they both looked up at Vanna who began the ceremony.

"In the olden days," Vanna said, "a tale was once woven of a beautiful princess who slept a hundred years and who upon awakening found true love. In this case it is the young prince who has slept, and while it was not for a hundred years, he has found love at the end of his long slumber."

Bryce blushed which made Jenny smile.

"And so we now assemble in the presence of that love and those who have chosen to bind their hearts to it: Bryce Lynch and Jenny Wilcox. And so, in the presence of family and friends, Bryce Lynch, I ask you, do you take Jenny Wilcox as your wife?"

"I do," Bryce said.

"And in the presence of family and friends, Jenny Wilcox, I ask you, do you take Bryce Lynch as your husband?"

"I do," Jenny said.

"Then, by the power vested in my by the word of God and by Network 23, I pronounce you man and wife. you may kiss the bride."

Bryce lifted Jenny's veil and shyly kissed her.

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