In The Name of Lynch

-Morning Glory, Mourning Grief-

Bryce yawned sleepily and turned over in bed, snuggling up to his wife. The night before had been very interesting and he felt himself smile at the sound of her gently beating heart.

"You okay this morning?" Jenny asked, warmly.

"Mm hm," Bryce murmured, affectionately.

"Why were you crying last night after we made love?"

"To be honest, I wasn't expecting ... well... " Bryce blushed.

"You're telling me you didn't learn anything about sex while you were linked to the Network 23 computer?"

"There was no reason to learn about it, so no," Bryce admitted.

"I'm sorry if I frightened you," Jenny told him.

"You didn't," Bryce admitted. "I frightened me in a way."

"I guess having your body go through what basically feels like a heart attack can be a bit unnerving if you're not prepared for it." Jenny kissed Bryce, tenderly, frowning as he sat up.

"We should probably join the others for work or they'll all start gossiping if they suspect..."

"Bryce Lynch, get back here," Jenny told him with a laugh. "This is our first morning as a couple. I promise you they all know exactly what we were up to last night."

"Oh, God," Bryce blushed a pretty shade of pink. "How do I face Edison Carter now?"

"Same as the rest of the world," Jenny smiled. "With a guilty conscience."

Out at the milking barn, Vanna and Theora helped Sadie lead the cows out to the pasture. They were not smiling. Earlier that morning, they'd learned some news that they were sure would be upsetting to Bryce.

Bryce was too restless to sleep any longer and two self-conscious for making love with Jenny when everyone else was awake and knew exactly what was going on.

He got up and got dressed, then headed out to see what chores were being done and required help.

His father was sitting in the kitchen having a cup of coffee while Murray sat with him. "It's not easy losing someone you love," he said, neither of them noticing Bryce who poured himself a cup of coffee.

Bryce had once eschewed the stuff, recalling his teacher telling him that 'caffeine kills concentration'. But he figured that after last night's discovery about a whole new (to him anyhow) level of interpersonal interaction, his concentration was straight out the window anyhow.

"At least Marian died in her sleep," Robin sighed. "She didn't suffer the way her mother had."

Bryce's cup slipped from his fingers and shattered on the floor.

"Mom?" he asked weakly.

"Bryce!" Robin exclaimed.

Bryce ran from the room, returning to the one that he and his wife shared.

"Bryce what's wrong?"

Bryce said nothing, simply burying his face in Jenny's shoulder and sobbing.

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