In The Name of Lynch


Robin Lynch found Bryce out at the barn helping Sadie with some of the chores.

"I know you sent for your cryer-thingamy," he told him. "And I think I know why."

"I might have to relink my mind to the system," Bryce told him. "If all else fails, I will have to go in and link the connections myself,"

"How long will you have before..."

"Network security ICE is burn-cold," Bryce explained.

"You don't expect to survive is what you're saying," Sadie bopped him over the head with her work gloves "You irresponsible coward!"


"Truth is, you're afraid of what might be coming about nine months down the road, so you're dodging out."

"I'd never do that to Jenny!"

"Then why risk your life?" Vanna joined in, "What makes you think you're the only one. Use Max. He's already in."

"Too recognizable."

"Well, put a wig on him . Make him Minx Headlight or something... I don't know..."

"Minx Headlight?" Edison said from the door. "I heard you guys picking on my best pal. What gives?"

"Bryce wants to sacrifice himself for the cause," Sadie explained. "I think he's just afraid of becoming a dad someday."

"I'm already a dad. Hello. This is my family reunion. Remember Ai? And Oliver? And Marlene? And..."

"I haven't forgotten," Sadie told him. "But those were easy for you. You were a freezer pop when they were being colicky or having their diapers changed or being two-year-old terrors. This one, if there is one, you're going to have to help out with. And that scares you."

"You're right, I am scared. But not of being a father," Bryce stepped outside, Sadie and Edison following.

"So what are you afraid of?"

"I'm afraid of making my child sad some day," Bryce explained. "If I let him or her get attached to me..."

"You just reminded us of the children you already have," Edison told him. "Don't you think they'll be sad if you sacrificed yourself like that?"

"I've already sent for the cryostasis unit. I can't cancel it. It's already en route."

"Then give it to me, son," Robin suggested. "Bryce, I'm not staying. Before your mom passed, I promised her I'd make sure she got back to Guildford. We bought open-ended round trip tickets since we expected to go home anyhow. I plan on coming back. But it might not be for a little while. I have to get the house in order. Now that Marian is gone..."

"What about the family she has here? You're going to take her away without letting us have a proper funeral for her? We can't all go to Guildford. It's too dangerous. You shouldn't even be going!"

"Just a thought, Bryce," Vanna suggested. "I can do a simple funerary service here in which burial can be symbolized by placing your mother's body into the cryostasis unit."

"I guess that'd be acceptable if dad doesn't mind," Bryce decided.

"It's a good idea," Robin agreed after a bit of consideration.

Jenny came running up and threw her arms around Bryce.

"Bryce! Is it true! Please say it isn't! Please say you're not going to go back into that horrible box!"

"I was..."

Jenny glared at him in interruption.

"... but I changed my mind." Bryce said, putting his arms around her.

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