Chapter Five: Decisions

When Jenny wheeled Bryce over to the wall, he found there was not one, but two lists.

The first one was the activities list. It had an array of things on it such as jogging, art therapy, board games, football (soccer), gardening and music.

The second one was the chores list. Each day of the week named three rooms and which of them would be cleaning in those rooms. It did not specify who would do each chore. Bryce had the feeling this was to prevent the ex-hostages from feeling as though they were being controlled again.

Bryce looked the first one over and decided to take football and music for the first week. Then he went over to the chore list.

He noticed that there were a couple of days in which Susan would be working away from Jenny. That was good, he thought. He knew that sooner or later Susan would have to stop clinging to Jenny and learn to survive on her own again. Jenny had her own recovering to do, after all. And the corridors, the only chore she would be doing alone, were the easiest to do. Just vacuum, dust the baseboards, and wipe the windows.

As it was Sunday, there were no chores to do that particular day. The activities for the day were exercise and brunch which were both mandatory.

Bryce looked at the activities for the rest of the week. They included gardening, creative arts, electronics, games, sports, a movie and a mandatory group on Wednesdays. He had never been much into sports, but he considered that building up some body strength might help him protect himself should another incident occur.

He signed up for piano lessons. "I wish I could take judo," he said. "But with my body being in the state it's inů"

"You can," Adams told him. "Though you can't practice the falls, kicks, or jumps, you can have your leg and shoulder exercised as an extension of physical therapy and learn the meditative calming and relaxation practices."

"That'll be useful," Bryce decided.

"If you sign up for those two," Adams continued, "you'll be expected to take them every week. I think you'll find them very useful, mind you. So they are good choices."

Bryce decided to stick with the plan. He didn't want to be victimized again.

"I'm next," Paul said. "By the way, what are you going to do about chores, with your shoulder and knee the way they are."

"I still have one good arm," Bryce said. "I can wipe the window sills and table tops."

"Don't try to stretch too much," Dr. Benson cautioned, hearing this. "Do just the edges of the tables on your days. I'll have someone else get the middles."

"Okay," Bryce agreed as Jenny moved his wheelchair so that Paul could sign the activities list..

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