Chapter 9: Special Delivery

"I have a delivery for a Bryce Lynch," the man at the door told the orderly who answered.

"Wait here," the orderly said, closing the door. He returned a minute later with Dr. Benson.

"Are you Bryce Lynch?" the delivery man asked

"No, I'm Dr. Benson. I run the clinic. I understand you have a package for Mr. Lynch."

"Yes, sir," the delivery man told him.

"Get Bryce Lynch," Dr. Benson told the orderly.

The orderly departed and came back wheeling Bryce in front of him.

"Package," the delivery man said.

"Oh! Good. The nanite components are in."

"What do you plan to use them for?" Dr. Benson asked as Bryce signed for the package and set it on his lap.

The delivery man departed.

"We plan to spy on the surviving members of the group who landed us here," Bryce replied. "The spybots we're making will be so small, you'd need a microscope to see them."

"Fascinating," Dr. Benson remarked. "Of course I know something about nanites. They're very useful in many medical procedures. But most of them use ultrasound for imagery, which I don't believe will work outside the human body."

"We have that covered," Bryce said simply as he maneuvered his wheelchair to the lift pushed the button, and brought the nanite kit up to the recreation level.

"You got it," Jenny observed as she and Winston joined him.

"Where's Susan?" Bryce inquired.

"Taking a nap," Jenny told him. "She's been really tired lately. Says the doctor thinks it's a side-effect of her brain injury."

"Funny that it's just starting to show up," Bryce remarked. "We've been here for weeks."

"Sometimes that happens," Jenny shrugged. "What about you? How are you progressing?"

"I start with the crutches tomorrow," Bryce told her. "Nurse Taylor says my shoulder is finally strong enough to try."

"Are we going to start the assembly today," Winston asked.

"On Monday," Bryce told them. "We'll use the next Sunday brunch to determine who wants in on this venture. And we'll assemble the parts in me and Lisa's apartment. Less chance of losing things that way."

"Agreed," Winston said while Jenny nodded.

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