Scavengers with dirty faces

Curls like angels, savage sweet

Iron, plastic, wood, and fabric

Ragged dolls play in the street

Wild potential, hidden talent

Like a sun touched spring untapped

Kept away by father's choice

From darkest powers e'er untapped

Long ago they once had bound him

In a gilded cage was he

Until love and circumstance

He both conspired to set him free.

She would never feel the fetters

Never wear the yolk he'd worn

She would ever know the freedom

Into which she had been born

"Just help when needed by the good

And shun the ones who don't feel right

Let your nature guide your mind

And keep your talent in the light

Don't fall into where I once fell

Into the traps of gold and pride

Before I was released by fate

My spirit very nearly died."

Words that he had whispered to her

Every night since she'd first breathed

Heartfelt from a heart discovered

On the night she was conceived.

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