Chapter 3: Lost Genius III

The shorter metrocop looked at his partner. "Stay here and talk to the people who run this joint. Find out anything you can about whoever brought this kid here. I'm calling an ambulance then I'm going to wait here with him until it arrives."

"Ambulance?" Bryce asked. "For what?"

"We need to have you examined," the taller cop said. "Hey, I'm being incredibly rude. My name is Officer Jack Welles. My partner is Officer Mark Farnsworth."

"Bryce Lynch," Bryce muttered.

"Okay, Bryce," Officer Welles said, "here's the thing. Given the circumstances, I think it's best that a doctor do a rape kit on you. There's no evidence in the usual places in the room that would suggest anything. However, we don't know how long you were with whoever brought you here before your arrival."

"Rape kit?" Bryce asked, confusion in his voice. What was this man talking about?

"We need to have you examined, just to make sure you haven't been sexually assaulted."

Bryce blinked. "I still don't understand."

"You don't know about rape… or sex in general… is that what you're telling me?" Officer Welles look at Bryce in sympathetic amazement. How sheltered could a genius get?

"I left home for college when I was ten." Bryce explained.

"And they didn't teach you in school?"

"It was a technical school," Bryce explained.

"Well, never mind that for now," Officer Welles said. "For now, let me just say that sometimes people do nasty things to other people for no very good reason."

"And you think someone did something to me?" Bryce asked.

"It's possible," Officer Welles told him. "Of course, they may have simply taken your things to prevent you from returning home. Let's hope that's the case."

The ambulance arrived and two doctors came in with a gurney.

Bryce winced as he lie down, flinching as they covered him and loaded him into the ambulance.

"Anything?" Murray asked as Edison walked into the Control Room.

"Does it look like I found him? Well does it?" Edison snapped. "Do you see Bryce here?"

"Temper, Edison," Murray warned. "Look I know you're upset. I'm upset, too. At least we know he's not at the body banks. And we've asked the medical centers to inform us if he arrives there."

"And I've got Shawn and Winnie keeping an eye out in the Fringes. So if he shows up there, we'll know."

"Plus Reg, Dom, and Bruno are also keeping watch out that way, right?" Murray reminded Edison.

"Right," Edison grumbled. "I'm going back out."

He stormed out of the Control Room, grumbling about check-in protocols and time-wasting a he left.

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