-Chapter Seven-

Lauren, Cheviot said, the next Monday morning. Tell Bryce he paused. Never mind. I forgot that I let him go.

Having second thoughts? Lauren asked, hopefully. She d met Bryce a couple of times and thought he reminded her of her nephew, Stephen.

I wish I could take him back. But I can t risk this Network s reputation. It s simply not something I m prepared to do.

Why did you let him go? He s brilliant!

There were circumstances that I m not comfortable discussing with anyone who isn t directly involved, Cheviot told her. That s all I m willing to say on the matter.

There was a lot of talk in the cafeteria about Bryce today, Murray mentioned as Edison and Theora walked into the control room just a few minutes apart from each other.

I thought he was a secret, Edison said.

It was just members of the Board. They think Cheviot is an idiot for letting Bryce go. They have no idea why he did it.

Good, Edison said, picking up his vidicam. The last thing he needs right now is to be gawked at.

How very true, Theora agreed. Bryce has enough problems being pregnant and losing his job.

At least your brother and sister-in-law were willing to take him in, Edison said gratefully. It was very nice of them. He really needs the help at this time.

We should really help them find a place of his own. Once he sets needing baby furniture there won t be room at Winnie s apartment.

Bryce can t raise a baby on his own, Edison pointed out. I think it with the best of the movie with me. It s also my child after all. I think it would only be proper if I helped raise it.

Cheviot would throw a fit if you did that, Theora pointed out. Are show you want to risk it? You could be out of a job.

I don t give a rat s tail what Cheviot thinks, Edison told her. Bryce is what s important now. He and the baby.

Murray walked in at that point. What are you two discussing?

What to do when the baby is born, Edison told him. I think he should move in with me. Cheviot won t be thrilled, but that s his problem.

I doubt very much that he would fire you, Murray said, The network ratings would drop too low.

I hope you re right about that, Theora told him. Because I think Edison s idea is the right one. It s refreshing to know that some fathers are responsible.

Thank you, Theora, Edison said.

By this time Bryce was no longer suffering from morning sickness. He was glad that he was no longer throwing up. His ordeal was far from over. He still had several months of pregnancy to go before the birth of his child.

He, Winnie and Shawn had just finished breakfast. Winnie decided that it would be a good idea for Bryce to help take care of her and Shawn s baby for the day so he could get in some practice for when he became a mother. Shawn agree that this would be a good idea.

Changing diapers didn t exactly thrill Bryce. But Winnie explained that when he was changing his own child he wouldn t mind so much. Somehow changing one s own baby s diaper was never quite so bad as changing another person s baby s diaper.

Feeding and rocking the baby with something that Bryce felt he could used to very quickly. It felt almost natural to him. He wondered if this was because of the baby growing inside him.

Shawn and Winnie noticed how easily feeding the baby came to Bryce.

He will be an excellent mother, Winnie said.

I think you re right Winnie, Shawn agreed. He certainly has taken quickly to most of the responsibilities.

He will get used to diaper changing quickly enough, Winnie said confidently. I did.

As did I, Shawn said.

In time, Winnie smiled.

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