By Axel Ingleson

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-Chapter 01-

Theora Jones walked into the Control Room at Network 23. As she headed to her chair, she noticed one of the Controllers sitting anxiously at the computer across from hers.

"What've you got?" Theora asked.

"Bureau Burner," the other Controller replied.

"That's an extremely clear picture, Theora praised. "Well done."

"I don't deserve the credit," the Controller told Theora. "It's the vidicam, not the computer. He wanted to make sure it could send a good picture from a distance before he gave it to Edison."

"Who did?" Theora wanted to know.

"Bryce Lynch."

Theora hurried over to her own computer and linked to Edison's vidicam.

"Edison, we've found the Bureau Burner."

"Yeah, I was watching. Nice picture."

"I want you to get down there. Bryce is on it, but I want you to take over before he gets hurt."

"Bryce?" Edison asked in surprise. "What's he thinking taking on someone like that?"

"Apparently he was testing a new vidicam when he spotted the 'Burner and decided to go after him." Theora replied.

"Get Martinez over here," Edison instructed.

Bryce stopped as the Bureau Burner turned to confront him.

"Who are you?" The 'Burner demanded.

"Bryce Lynch. Network 23."

"I didn't realize they hired such young cubs at Network 23," The Bureau Burner said.

"Why?" Bryce inquired.

"Why what?"

"Why all the arson?"

"To get my point across, naturally," the older man explained.

"But after those notes, don't youthink most people take your acts as nothing more than mindless violence followed by really bad puns?"

"Maybe someone like you would. But I'm confident that most people will take me seriously."

"Those who do are more likely to want to see you in prison than agree with you," Bryce pointed out.

"The public enjoys violence."

"Not when it endangers them or the people they care about."

"Tell me that's not Bryce Lynch," Murray said as he walked in and heard Bryce's voice on the Control monitor.

"It is," Theora said.

"Who's he interviewing?"

"Bureau Burner," Theora explained.

"My god," Murray groaned. "If anything happens to him, Cheviot will have a fit. Tell Edison to get down there and take over."

"He's just arriving now."

Cheviot contacted Theora on her vu-phone link. "Mind telling me why our Head of Research and Development is out playing reporter?"

"He was field-testing a new vidicam," Theora explained. "I've sent Edison out to take over."

"Make sure nothing happens to Bryce," Cheviot instructed.

"Don't worry," Theora promised. "We will."

Martinez landed the helicopter a dozen yards from where Bryce was interviewing the Bureau Burner. At the same time, a metrocop van pulled up and six metros swarmed out.

"Don't move," the leader of the metrocop team said, as he and his colleagues drew their weapons.

Bryce lowered his vidicam as Edison approached him. "All yours, Edison."

Edison shook his head. "Not this time. You take this one."

Bryce nodded, then turned his vidicam on the Bureau Burner as the metrocops took the long sought after criminal into custody.

"This is Bryce Lynch, live and direct on Network 23. What you are now witnessing is the arrest of the Bureau Burner, a man who has been terrorizing this city for the past several months…"

Edison watched Bryce as the Bureau Burner was loaded into the metrocop van. Then he led the young genius back to the helicopter.

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