-Chapter Two: Jenny's Secret-

Across town at Network 66, in the studio lab that paralleled Bryce's in every way (except that it was occupied by a girl), Jenny Wilcox paced like a tigress on caffeine. She could hardly believe what she had seen. Never in a million years had she ever dreamt that such a thing might take place.

She had decided to call Bryce. To plead with him to attend the college Reunion/Think Tank once more. He had turned her down the last time. But she had decided that she would be damned if she would take 'no' for an answer and had called him.

What she saw on the view screen almost made her scream out loud. She covered her mouth, however, and
disconnected the call before she could be seen. She was one of the smartest graduates from ACS, equal to Bryce in her test scores. But she had no idea what she should do now.

A strong part of her wanted to pretend that none of what she had seen had happened. But she couldn't do that. She was Bryce's alumna and counterpart. If he needed her help, class honor demanded that she do what she could. But what could she do? Well, there was always the excuse that she worked for a rival Network. That the rules said they couldn't play together any more. But that was a lame excuse and she knew it.

What she had seen had started at the bathroom door, but she could tell that it had begun in that small room, out of her range of vision. What had caused it, she did not know. But it had been the stuff that nightmares were made of. Terrifyingly violent. Fearing for her own life, she had switched off the set. Now she was wondering if she should call the cops.

"This is Alice Reynolds Network 66 at the Network 23 skyscraper. Sources tell me that less than an hour ago, this Network's newest employee turned up dead in one of the building's lifts. Mr. Carter, I assume you are also investigating..."

Jenny turned off the set. She had seen the Metro vehicles and ambulance. She didn't have to worry about that vu-phone call after all.

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