-Chapter 9: Before Group-

Bryce left the cafeteria after lunch and went directly to his room and flopped onto the bed that had been designated as his for his stay at Westford. "Don't take forever getting me out of here, Edison."

The rest of the clients at Westford moved the chairs in the cafeteria so they formed a two-ringed circle.

"Where's the new kid?" Mr. Lawrence asked.

"I think he went to his room for something," Laura said. "I'll go fetch him."

"No," Ms. Andrews said, an idea forming in her mind. "Miss Parker, why don't you go? It'll give you a chance to show him that you're not like your uncle."

"I think I'd like that," Alison agreed. She stood up and headed to the door.

"He's rooming with Terrence," Mr. Lawrence informed her.

"You put a techie in with a jock," Alison shook her head. "That's going to be very interesting."

"I'm hoping they can learn from each other," Mr. Lawrence explained. "Where is Terrence by the way?"

"Bathroom," said a Japanese boy named Toshi Riku (he preferred the traditional Japanese naming convention). He played with a strand of pink and blue fringe (most of his hair was traditionally black and short, with the brightly colored fringe falling to the base of his neck) and started to braid the two colors together.

"He should be here in a couple minutes, then," Mr. Lawrence said.

As they talked, Alison went to Bryce and Terrence's room to retrieve Bryce. She hoped that despite the old saying she would get a second chance to make a good first impression. She was nearly there when she heard what sounded like an argument.

"Next time you decide to play mother and put my clothes away for me, don't," Bryce complained. "I can do it myself. I'm not a two year old."

"Well, you're certainly acting like one, now," Terrence pointed out. "I try to help someone and this is the thanks I get. It's not like a stole anything."

"And if I did the same thing to you?"

"I'd have the decency to say 'thank you',"

"Group," Alison called to them from the doorway, trying to diffuse the situation.

"Psht," Bryce scoffed. "I know your kind. Jocks have sense of decency."

"My I remind you, in case you need a new prescription for your glasses, that I am twice your weight and nearly a foot taller than you and that I can..."

"Before you go any further with that threat," Bryce hissed, "I suggest you ask what I'm in here for."


Bryce turned to the door and saw Mr. Lawrence standing there. The man had an cross look on his face. "I will not tolerate threats of violence in this establishment, is that clear?"

"Yes, sir," Bryce said, following it with an unintelligible mutter that Mr. Lawrence was certain rhymed with 'duck plaster'.

"Care to contribute to the jar, young man?" Mr. Lawrence challenged.

"Can I set up a tab?" Bryce retorted.

"Group is waiting for you," Mr. Lawrence told him. "Let's go."

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