-Chapter 10: Group -

Bryce and Terrence accompanied Mr. Lawrence to where the rest of the clients were waiting.

"Bryce, you've already met Terrence, Alison, and Laura and her lunch buddies."

"We didn't properly introduce ourselves," the younger of Laura's two friends admitted. "I'm Jacob."

"And I'm Sam," the other added.

"There isn't enough time to introduce everyone properly in one group, so for now, let's just everyone give their names. Don't worry if you don't remember everyone right off. This is just a quick introduction. He turned to Riku. "Why don't you start?"

"Toshi Riku," the Japanese boy introduced himself. "Riku is my given name, in case you were wondering."

"Ralph Chance," a slightly obese boy who seemed to have a little Irish blood in him added.

"Vincent Lorren," the youngest boy said, adding "yes, my parents did see 'House on Haunted Hill' a million times. And these two quiet ones are the twins, Mark and Marilyn Green. Don't take it personally if they don't talk to you. They only speak to each other."

"Bast Ambers," the oldest girl introduced herself.

"Short for Sebastian," the boy next to her explained. "She's my big sister. I'm Kevin."

"Who the hell names a girl Sebastian," Bast rolled her eyes. "They could've at least given it a girl-type spelling."

"Can we get on with group?" Terrence growled. "I'm sure Mr. Hotshot Genius..."

"My name is Bryce Lynch," Bryce grumbled, in response.

"I thought it was Rich-Kid Snobworthy," Terrence countered.

"Better than Jock Van Steroid," Bryce shot back.

Terrence stared at him with his mouth agape for a moment, then suddenly burst out laughing.

Bryce looked at Terrence as if a bird had decided to nest in his hair.

"Anyone who can come up with a comeback like that can't be all bad," he said. "Sorry about before. Name's Terrence. But everyone calls me T-Bone/"

"Good to meet you properly at last, T-Bone," Bryce smiled, relieved that his feud with his roommate appeared to be over. "I'm sorry, too. I guess having my entire world turned upside down got me a bit upset."

"It usually does," Riku sympathized. "Hey, you two. I need a couple more people for cleanup duty. It's mandatory for everyone once a week. What do you say? Get it out of the way early?"

"Okay," Bryce agreed.

"Great," Riku told him. "We start fifteen minutes after Group is over."

"Now, that that drama is over," Mr. Lawrence told them. "Bryce why don't you tell everyone about yourself?"

"You go ahead," Bryce said. "If I do it, it'll sound like bragging."

"Okay, then," Mr. Lawrence explained, "Bryce is a graduate of ACS and employed by Network 23 as head of their research department."

"So why are you here then? Marilyn asked.

Bryce didn't want to go over the incident with this many people listening.

"Let's just say for now that I had a problem with a new employee."

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