-Chapter 13: Desperate Moments-

That night, T-Bone's dream about drag-racing was disturbed by the sudden gust of wind across his sleeping face. Opening his eyes, he saw Bryce at the window with one knee on the sill.

"Going somewhere?" he asked, slyly.

"I can't stay here," Bryce told him. "Jenny says they're going to execute me if Network 66 finds me guilty."

"Get back in here and close the damned window. Its cold out." T-Bone told him. "Look, where are you going to go where you won't get recognized?"

"I'll think of somewhere." Bryce said, closing the window all the same.

"Don't you think running away might just make you look guiltier?" T-Bone sat up. "Look, me and Riku. And the others We'll help you. But it's not going to do any good if you do stuff that makes you look like a cat in a goldfish bowl."

"I'll go to New Tokyo," Bryce suggested.

"Your face will be posted at every transport hub the minute they notice you're missing," T-Bone told him. "The best thing for you to do is wait here. It's where you're safest."

"It's not like they'd shoot me on sight," Bryce argued.

"If you really are accused of murder then they just might," T-Bone told him. "Look you told me earlier that Edison Carter wants to interview you, right?"

"Yeah. But right now I trust him like I'd trust a juggernaut with a goldfish bowl," Bryce confided.

T-Bone raised an eyebrow.

"Don't you get it?" Bryce exclaimed. "Edison lied to me. He lied just so I wouldn't put up a fuss when they brought me here."

"When have you ever known Edison Carter to lie" T-Bone scoffed.

"He lied to Theora when he didn't tell her that the helicopter wasn't broken," Bryce said, pointedly.

"Was that during that report on Security Systems?"

Bryce shuddered. "Don't remind me. I almost died. Edison kept me alive that time. I never thought he'd betray me."

"Why would he save your life if he was going to throw you to the jackals?" T-Bone tried to reason with him.

"Maybe he thought they'd prefer fresh meat?" Bryce retorted.

"Or maybe he really believed what he was telling you." T-Bone suggested. "You'd better get back into bed before night staff gets here. If they think you were trying to escape, you'll get two week in lockdown at Stepshire. And that place is much worse than here. You go in there you'll come out hardly knowing what day of the week it is."

Bryce climbed back into bed and adjusted the blankets. For someone like him, he decided, Stepshire would be the worst of all nightmares. Better to stay and do the interview. Maybe T-Bone was right. Maybe Edison was innocent. He had no choice but to wait and see.

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