Epilogue: 15 Years Later-

Fraternal twins stood on the steps of the Academy of Computer Sciences with their mother and father and little sister, who was two years younger than they.

The boy had mousy brown hair like his father's which stuck out in random directions unlike that of his parents, which was neatly combed. Hs sister's hair was jet black, something she had inherited from her great granndmother on her father's side and her eyes were a deep brown which came from her maternal grandfather.

"Brandon, Janine? Are you almost ready?" Bryce asked.

"Yes," the twins chorused. "When are they going to get here?"

"Here they are," Alison Lynch pointed toward two couples who were running from the car park.

"Sorry we're late," Edison said as he arrived with his wife, Janie. It had been Theora's idea for the two reporters to start dating since they shared at least a job in common. With them was their daughter Madison. She had blond hair, brushed backwards and rich blue eyes.

"I know," she told Bryce. "I look like Max Headroom. Blame my father for that."

"Her mother wanted to call her Maxine when she was born," Edison groaned, causing Madison to stick her tongue out at Janie.

Theora herself had married her stud, Ted who had opted to take her name. They were now stepping out of their car with their daughter, Bryce Jones. The girl, brilliant as her namesake, had flame red and gold hair, pulled into a high fanned ponytail, and grey eyes.

Janine wiped her spectacles. "Can we go in now?" she asked, impatiently.

"How come I can't go?" the littlest Lynch asked, tears welling up in her Alice-blue eyes as she played with her mousy-brown ringlets cascaded over her shoulders.

Bryce smiled at his little girl. "We all have our talents," he told her. "You're a genius like your brother and sister, but your strengths lie in music and singing."

"I wanted you to be proud of me,"

"I am proud of you, Amanda," Bryce told her. "And so is your mom. Miss Morgan says you're doing very well on your music lessons. Though I admit, I'm not sure why you picked sitar."

"It was good enough for the Beatles," Amanda pointed out.

"Let's go!" Brandon reiterated.

"Okay," Bryce agreed as he reached for the door.

As he turned the handle, he thought to himself. 'This is going to give my old SysOp a bit of a shock.'

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