-Max Headroom: 20 Minutes Into The Future-


-Chapter 03-

Theora ran a search for slasher attacks in and around the city. She found a series of attacks that had happened in the Fringes. They had been attributed to Rakers, but there was no evidence to lead the Metrocops to an actual killer. She called Big Time television to ask Reg about the attacks in the Fringes.

If anyone would know about what was going on there, it was Blank Reg. He was on good terms with most of the Blanks.

"What can I do for you?" Reg asked, cheerfully.

"Reg, what can you tell me about the teenagers who were recently slashed in the Fringes?"

"Well," Reg told her, solemnly, "none of them survived."

Theora's face fell. That did not bode well for Bryce. "Does anyone have any idea who it might be?"

Reg shook his head. "There's been no evidence, and no one has survived to describe the killer. What's up?"

"Bryce was attacked," Theora told him.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Reg told her. "He was a pretty nice kid."

"He's not dead yet, Reg," Theora told the Blank.

"I hope he survives," Reg told her. "But, I'll be honest with you. Whatever is killing the teenagers in this city is brutal, ruthless, and very efficient."

"Thank you, Reg," Theora told him.

"I wish I could give you better news," Reg apologized.

"Ben Cheviot," a doctor said as he emerged from the operating room.

"Yes," Cheviot replied. "Is he...?"

"We had a few close calls," the doctor told him, "but he's in recovery. He's still asleep, but we expect him up in a few hours."

"I'd like to sit with him, if that's possible," Edison said. "He might be able to identify his attacker."

"Very well," the doctor sighed. Edison's reputation was such that he knew that there would be no way to refuse such a request for long. Especially if the boy was a friend of his.

Edison walked into the room that Bryce had been put into and sat in a chair near the head of the bed. He watched the teenager sleep; his face a mask of worry as he waited for Bryce to awaken.

He noticed the control light on his vidicam was flashing and spoke into the lens. "What is it, Theora?"

"We have a problem, Edison," Theora replied. "There was a series of similar attacks in the Fringes. Brutal slashings with no evidence ever found."

"What about witnesses?" Edison asked.

"All of the victims died, Edison," Theora told him. "How's Bryce?"

"He survived surgery," Edison told her. "But he's not out of the woods, yet."

"I hope he makes it, Edison," Theora said, concernedly.

"So do I, Theora," Edison replied.

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